10 Frames in stock today !!

I keep getting emails asking 'do you still have this frame for sale' etc.. so from now on every 4 weeks I will do a summary post of what is currently available. It is always worth looking through my old posts, because some frames get lost in the older pages, and are still for sale.
Current stock is (left to right)
570mm 3Rensho road frame - blue/white fade paint w/yellow decals $SOLD
535mm Reminton njs frame - silver w/red decals $SOLD
510mm Umezawa njs frame - grey w/gold decals $530
540mm Peloton njs frame - red w/ white decals $700
520mm Bridgestone Anchor njs frame- blue/black fork w/black decals $SOLD
525mm Level njs frame - red w/gold decals $SOLD
550mm Panasonic njs frame - white w/blue decals $SOLD
535mm Kiyo Miyazawa njs frame - red w/gold decals $SOLD
535mm Samson njs frame - white w/black decals and drilled fork $SOLD
515mm 3Rensho njs frame - blue w/yellow decals $SOLD
email hunknlance@gmail.com for details/purchases

NJS hubs - Dura Ace, Sansin, Sunshine BIA !

Here are some cool old school track hubs from Japan, and a newer Dura Ace front hub too.
Front left to right....
1.Older Shimano Dura Ace NJS stamped 36 hole front high flange Keirin hub 100mm $50
2.Current Shimano Dura Ace NJS stamped 36 hole front high flange Keirin hub 100mm $SOLD
3.Vintage Sunshine Japan BIA stamped (!) 36 hole rear high flange Keirin hub 110mm $SOLD
(very rare sherriff star shape-BIA is the old equivalent of NJS! rare 110 sizing, double thread)
4.Sansin NJS stamped 36 hole high flange rear Keirin hub-dbl thread 120mm $85
5.Sansin NJS stamped 36 hole high flange rear Keirin hub-dbl thread 120mm (no sticker) $75
email hunknlance@gmail.com for details/purchasing!

3RENSHO 57cm road frame! Rare...

Rare 3RENSHO road frame, from the famous NJS framebuilder, Yoshi Konno. Fully lugged Cromo
hand built road frame w/Shimano BB and Tange Headset.
Strong sky blue, with white fade on top and bottom/front/back of tubes, and insides of seat stays and chainstays, blue just on the sides.
Seat tube 570mm CTT
Top tube 560mm CTC
Rear spacing 126mm
A little rust on 2 of the cable guides, and scratches on the chainstay, and general signs of use from an old bike, but overall very good for its age.
$SOLD hunknlance@gmail.com

NJS used cranks/pedals/bars/hubs/stem/post

Here are the parts I pulled off the ex-Keirin Reminton listed for sale below. All are in good usable condition, but are not mint or near new. Only the Suntour 28h Superbe Pro hub is brand new.

Suntour Superbe Pro custom made track hub. 1 sided thread, never laced, old, legendary, mint and rare! $170 hunknlance@gmail.com

Ariake NJS stamped padded black track Keirin saddle. Aero Jaguar II model from 1992. Svelte, rare. $SOLD (has a lot of wear around the back but good to use) hunknlance@gmail.com

Nitto Jaguar SP272 NJS seat post 27.0mm diameter. Classic. $SOLD

Toshi NJS Keirin BLUE single clip straps, suede with double sandwiched construction. Tough. $SOLD

Shimano Dura Ace NJS FC-7600 Square Taper 167.5mm Keirin track crank set w/bolts. A bit rough but good to go. $SOLD hunknlance@gmail.com

Shimano Dura Ace NJS front track Keirin high flange hub. 100mm. Well used, a bit rough, but a nice semi-vintage hub w/ NJS standard 36 hole drilling. $50 hunknlance@gmail.com

Nitto B123AA NJS drop bars w/Nitto NJ PROAA Jaguar stem, both NJS stamped and with Keirin NJS grips by CRTM. Bars are 38cm core to core, stem is 110mm. 58 degrees.
This is the super light aluminium combination. $SOLD hunknlance@gmail.com

MKS Mikashima Royal Nuevo NJS pedals! Very beautiful NJS stamped pedal set, all silver, used but with original box. $SOLD hunknlance@gmail.com

Reminton NJS KEIRIN frame silver 535

REMINTON (maebashi) NJS KEIRIN frameset.
Fork, frame are silver metallic with red decals. Fork is bladed aero style, bullet seat stay lugs.
Kanji characters of the Keirin pro riders name; Yuuichi Hasegawa, on rear bridge and bb shell. Yuuichi on track ends.
Hatta R9400 BB NJS $130 USD retail, and Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS headset $130 USD retail also.
This is a beautiful frame from the famed, and now deceased frame builder, who apprenticed with Nagasawa. Overall clean, but there is a light dent in the top tube, and light pitting in the fork, head tube lug, and general signs of age. From 2 metres away it looks very clean! The paint is nice and shiny and decals are in top condition.
Seat tube 535mm core to top.
Top tube 535mm core to core
Rear spacing 110mm
$SOLD hunknlance@gmail.com

Kashimax ivory NJS straps

Sweet Ivory single straps from MKS.
$SOLD hunknlance@gmail.com

DURA ACE / SUNTOUR NJS polished cranksets

Ok I finally have the next batch of cranks in, but unfortunately there are only 4 sets! :(
These are polished at the same factory that does the factory work for Sugino and Shimano on all cranks/brake parts and a few other bits, 1 hr from Osaka city.
Dura Ace FC-7600 NJS $SOLD
Dura Ace FC-7600 NJS $SOLD
Dura Ace FC-7600 NJS 167.5mm $SOLD
Dura Ace FC-7600 NJS 167.5mm $SOLD
Dura Ace FC-7600 NJS 170mm $SOLD
Suntour Superbe Pro NJS 175mm $230

(all are NJS certified and stamped Keirin cranks in standard 144pcd size without chainrings)
email me at hunknlance@gmail.com

Dura Ace '07 chainrings, keirin grips, bars/stem, suzue hub

A few bits and pieces I have lying around.

Nitto B123AA aluminium NJS Keirin bars (retail us$85), chopped, with chrome steel Nitto NJS Pro stem (retail us$160), black Soyo Keirin grips, Shimano PRO bar ends. Used but good to go! Needs a polishing next to the stem on the bars. Grips are a week old.
$115 (still available - email hunknlance@gmail.com)

Soyo Keirin Long Grips (njs approved)
, --red only--
$12 (still available - email hunknlance@gmail.com)

old school NOS 36 hole front piste hub. Non NJS! 100mm standard size. High Flange!
$45 (still available - email hunknlance@gmail.com

Shimano Dura Ace NJS current model chainrings
51T great condition, blasted finish in slight gunmetal tone $45
50T great condition, blasted finish in slight gunmetal tone $45



Pink with silver metalflake, and chrome lugs (aftermarket customised).
Seat tube 535mm CTT
Top tube 530mm CTC
Rear spacing 120mm
Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS headset. (retail US$132)

$SOLD email hunknlance@gmail.com


Kiyo Miyazawa NJS KEIRIN track frame

Seat tube 545mm CTT
Top tube 545mm CTC
Rear spacing 120mm

Beautiful red 2007 model frame from the famous Tokyo based frame builder. Kiyo was the apprentice to Rossin in Italy! This shows in the head tube lugs and the 'kiyo per vincere' decals on the top tube and bottom of the bb shell! The paint has thick clear coat over the decals and looks sweet. The ra-me, or metalflake is rainbow coloured. The Hatta R9400 NJS bb and Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS headset are like new and worth around $120-130 each new in USA.
There is a shallow ding in the top tube just under 'vincere' and the down tube has a bit of paint flaking off it...otherwise the frame is quite mint!
$SOLD hunknlance@gmail.com

Dura Ace OCTALINK NJS cranks/bb KASHIMAX Double Straps

A couple of NJS luxury items in today.

Dura Ace Octalink NJS hollowtech cranks 167.5mm $sold (light hollow crank arms)
Dura Ace Octalink NJS BB $sold
Kashimax Dual Sprint leather double clip straps (double sandwich suede/laminated top)...best straps in the world! $sold (retail us$165)