New rare items! (wbase, carnival, loop magazine, 110mm hub shaft)

The last few weeks have seen a lot of new stock turn up at the shop front in Osaka. Unfortunately I have had a cold, and the H1N1 flu (within 4 weeks) and a close friend from Australia spend a week here, so have been very slow to update the webstore.
I apologise for slow shipping in the last week due to my influenza, too. The only other staff member at Track Supermarket; Sayaka, has also had the flu!! :(

=Anyway, here are the new riser bars from W BASE, called the Revolution Bar. Available in black, white and silver. They are very wide at 57cm, so can be cut to your desired length.

=Also from W BASE, comes a new trick bike fork, the DO A TRICK! Featuring a internally threaded fork column and a threaded top cap! Available in black or white.

=The new LOOP magazine came out in Japan a few weeks ago. I have about 15 copies left in stock....A rare sight into the Japanese track bike scene for those of you abroad.

=A very cool item. 110mm axles with 8mm cut diameter, for Keirin frames. These enable you to convert hubs from Gran Compe, Novatec. Basically almost any sealed bearing taiwan-made hub will take these shafts, and allow you to run a wide range of wheels on your 110mm rear-end Keirin frame! :)

=Finally the BLACK meteor cranks from CARNIVAL came in! Actually only 4 sets came in for now, and 3 sold already. :( 1 left, and then restocking in another 2 weeks time.

Cheers everyone!

New clothing from W Base / Carnival / T19 ....

We have been very lucky to hook up some great shirts, hats and sweaters from the best in Japan recently. Many of you will know of Motosan and Yohei from WBASE in Tokyo.

They have been massively influential on the Japanese BMX and Track Bike scenes for many years. I am honored to be able to offer W Base and Durcus original goods at and in the Osaka shop, GIRA GIRA.

And if you get in the elevator in WBASE's building in Shibuya/Harajuku, and head to the 2nd floor, you will find yourself in track bike heaven, CARNIVAL. This is the Tee19 track bike shop, and was one of the first (the very first?) all-track bike shop in Tokyo.
The Tee19/Carnival crew have also been hooking up tracksupermarket/gira gira with their original tyres, shirts, sweaters, hats (new era), bags, and nitto collaboration handlebars and seat posts.
Next up is the Carnival aero alumi frames, which will be available next month! :)
This stuff is basically impossible to get outside of Japan, and well, outside of CARNIVAL too!

Oh, and for the 30 or so people who might be wondering.....NITTO does not make the beautiful B259AA riser bar anymore. It was discontinued at the end of 2007 completely, and the only one that has been available in recent time, has been the black and blue Tee19 collaboration model.... Tracksupermarket recently bought the entire remaining stock of T19/Nitto parts, and they are selling very fast....only a few items left on October 22.

Oh, and they have also sent us some cute ahead fork caps for 1 1/8 inch fork frames! Yes, although it might not seem that way, not every frame in Japan is 1 inch and threaded! :)
I will be trying to add more and more products for all of you riding oversize threadless frames over the coming weeks, including stems from Nitto, and spacers to adapt B123 keirin bars to 31.8mm stems.


New 56-57cm frames..... coming later today...

These 56cm and 57cm NJS track racing frames will be available on later tonight....sorry for the slow updates....frames are getting hard for me to find!! :)

Also a freshly restored vivalo/ocean in purple, and a freshly restored Makino in bright red!

Finally, more NJS Keirin track frames ....

The new deeper 30mm Candy Rims from Kobe, Japan.....glossy deep paint and rainbow sparkles!

....including a Nagasawa, 2 Samsons, Kalavinka, Uno, and coming soon; silver Peloton, red Peloton, pink Osca, and grey Kalavinka.
Some really nice rare frames here....
...check them out at

Carnival crank sets (track/fixed gear)

Nice new cranksets, from the famous CARNIVAL shop in Tokyo, and the T19 crew.
check them out at

Also check out the blue T19/Carnival tyres, and lockrings. Very hard to find outside of Japan.

New 7mm thick white clinchers from Beans/Farnear!!

Now in stock, M and S size Starfuckers XENON frames from Tokyo. Included are frame, double end fork (!), seat pin, bb set, and headset. Check out all the photos now in the SUPERMARKET

Super strong, thick new 25c tyres from Masuda San at Beans in Tokyo. Released under the Farnear brand, they are the strongest tyres in Japan. I have been using one for 3 months now, on my Samson with only 2 skid points! Still going strong with no brakes. Highly recommended! :)


From Osaka, Japan.....METALLICO Super Drops and Super Bulls, back in the Supermarket later today.

Amazing quality...steel w/smooth seamless rounded ends, white-black-white w/sparkles-black w/sparkles....Perfect. Hand made/customised by craftsmen in Osaka, and finally painted at the ex-3Rensho paint shop! :)

New T19 New Era Caps....!

Just in, at Track Supermarket! Hard to find caps from the Tee 19 crew in Japan.

The new shop in Osaka, GIRA GIRA!

We had a good time on Saturday night with the renewal opening of my shop in Osaka, Gira Gira! Here are some photos my friend Ken, from Metallico took. He makes the nicest bars in Japan. The Metallico Tsuchinoko, Super Drops, and Super Bulls. They are made the old Osakan way, by hand with high quality Japanese Araya steel. The Super Drops and Bulls, are made starting out with NJS nitto bars!
Check the slide show at Kens blog....

New parts in stock....

In stock this last week.....
Nitto rare parts, including lugged seat posts, and Tee19 collaboration parts. More Dura Ace Zen chainrings also in stock, as well as black sparkle champ grips....

Please go to TRACKSUPERMARKET.COM to see the new website.

New website.....

The new TrackSupermarket.Com IS online and ready to use on
right now! Plenty of parts and frames and apparel/bags to come in the next 2 weeks...


Japanese track bike DVDs.
Loop and Pedal Speed magazines from Tokyo.
Apparel from....

Depot, Blue Lug, Play, Chickennot, T19 (!), 3Bancho, Jan, AfroMania, Rin

Bags from....
Ride Bag (!)
Play including the Masterpiece collaboration bags.

Also some crazy track bike parts....

Nitto B263AA mini 30cm street bars, in silver and black.
Nitto S-84 lugged seat post.
Metallico Super Drops.
Metallico Super bulls.
Shimano Zen chainrings.
Custom Kashimax saddles.



As many of you know, I was having email problems recently, but this problem seems to have been fixed.
I did however, lose around 80 unread emails, so if I have not replied to your email, please re send it to either or



Some more frames today....
A crazy Panasonic in pink/purple/white courtesy of Nihon University Team. $1050
A champagne silver Bridgestone w/red stickers. $750
A pink pearl Samson in a large 57.5cm size. $850
...and...a LEVEL in silver with the nice old style logo! $1050
All of these frames have no dents. The new website will be up in just a few days,
and these frames will all be available to purchase there....

Makino 56cm / Samson 51.5cm / Anchor 53.5cm

A bunch of frames have arrived (new website is just a few days away now).....
....also soon to arrive. 55cm Level, 53cm Anchor, 54cm Panasonic, 54cm Nishiki,
56cm Presto, 57cm Osca.

Makino is 56/56cm Hatta headset, Hatta bb fitted, $890 (light dent)
Anchor is 53.5cm/55cm w/Dura Ace sealed headset, like new, amazing conditon, $950
Samson is 51.5cm/52.5cm w/Hatta headset, Hatta bb fitted, $790