Sugino 75 NJS mirror polished crank set

Sugino 75 NJS stamped/certified crank set.
165mm track cranks with a custom mirror polish finish!
Looks amazing in person, especially when fitted to a nice frame.
They come with BB bolts and polished covers which fit over the bolt heads for a flush
look. Beautiful!
$SOLD (more coming end of september)

Front clamp on brake kit for KEIRIN frames....

This is the only non-NJS item I will ever sell, promise! ; )

Anyway, this is for anyone who has a track bike with no provisions for a front brake, who want to ride
a lot faster on the street than they are with no brakes.
These are sold by Kalavinka in Tokyo, as well as some other Japan stockists, for cheaper than I sell them for, so if you live in Japan please check out your local stockist first.
Kit includes bracket, brake, pads, cable, lever.


bright red w/silver metal flake sparkles and prism flame graphics
2005 frame
540mm seat tube CTT
545mm top tube CTC
120mm rear end spacing

Shimano DuraAce NJS Headset
Sugino 75 NJS Bottom Bracket

Beautiful Keirin NJS stamped track frame with very small ding in underside of top tube, scratch on top tube and odd chips on rear tubes. Looks amazing with silver metalflake paint. Prism graphics shine in the light. Very sweet, fully lugged CroMo frame with tight geometry. Made by Eimei in Tokyo, Japan.


Samson NJS Keirin frame

white w/ premium COLUMBUS tubing and sticker kit.

535mm seat tube CTT
545mm top tube CTC
123mm rear end spacing

Hatta NJS super deluxe swan headset

Fully lugged CroMo track frame ex-pro keirin racer bike.
Chrome rear tube and stainless rear track ends.
Drilled front fork perfect for street use, or training.
No dents, paint well worn, but still looks great!
$800 (still available and ready for immediate shipping)


Makino NJS Keirin frame

Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS headset (retail US$132)
Hatta 9400 NJS Bottom Bracket (retail US$124)

580mm CTT seat tube
590mm CTC top tube
120mm rear hub spacing

Fully lugged CroMo NJS stamped frame built with Kaisei 4130 tubing, by Makino-San! He used to be #2 at 3Rensho working alongside the legendary Yoshi Konno, and since Konno passed away, has built frames under his own name, Makino, in the same shop that used to be 3Rensho.
Beautiful frame in a slightly greyish blue, with detailed lugs, and the Keirin pro racers name on the top tube.

Great condition, a few scratches here and there, but no dents. Overall very clean. I can email detailed photos of any problem areas, with scratches.

This is a very rare large size frame. Every time I get something in 58cm it sells within 2 days. If you really want this frame please be quick to avoid disappointment!


Samson NJS Keirin track frame/fork

Hatta 9400 bottom bracket NJS (retail in US $124)
Hatta Swan super deluxe headset NJS (retail in US $132)

Seat tube 580mm CTT
Top tube 580mm CTC (big!)

Fully lugged CroMo NJS stamped/certified frame built by Harada San, using COLUMBUS tubing!
Amazing condition. Only thing worth mentioning is the chip just under the headset/top seen
in pics below.
Fully chromed under paint. This frame is very close to brand new.
Rare large size.


Bridgestone NJS Keirin track frame

Light/mid purple paint, yellow decals. Colour is more purple than pictures show.
Sugino 75 NJS bottom bracket
Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS headset

This frame is like new, just scratches on the inside of the seatpost give it away as a slightly used bike.
Shimano ends and fork ends, stainless.
Kaisei 019 tubing, CroMo fully lugged, handbuilt frame.
Truely rare condition, and in a big size too!
560mm seat tube CTT
545mm top tube CTC
120mm rear end spacing

Sugino 75 NJS Chainring 52T

Sugino 75 NJS certified/stamped chainring

pcd 144 (usual keirin pattern)
52 tooth ring.
Few scratches but great used condition.

BRIDGESTONE NJS KEIRIN FRAME blue/white fade paint

Bridgestone NJS Keirin frame/fork/headset/BB

Fully lugged CroMo track frame with tight geometry.
560mm CTT seat post
550mm CTC top tube

Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS Headset
Sugino 75 NJS Bottom Bracket

Royal Blue on sides of tubing, white on top/bottom/front/back of tubes. Looks awesome.
Minimal decals, just 'B' on the head tube and seat tube, and 'bridgestone' on chain stay.
This frame is in really great condition. Check out the bottom bracket shell!