UMEZAWA NJS Keirin Frame 580mm

Beautiful bright white, clean Umezawa from 2004. 120 ends.
580mm CTT seat tube.
555mm CTC top tube.
Dura Ace NJS headset near new. Sugino 75 NJS BB set near new.
Nagasawa fork crown, love hearts! Kalavinka shell and ends.
email for ordering.

Watanabe NJS Keirin frame, and SR SAKAE stems!

Here is a cool old Watanabe, with super fat tubes, and
Nagasawa fork crown and track ends.
535mm CTT seat tube, 545mm CTC top tube, 120mm ends.
Hatta NJS headset, Sugino 75 NJS bottom bracket set.
NJS Stamped. $SOLD email me at to order.

SR Sakae (Suntour), NOS Deadstock 80mm and 90mm
stems! The black stickers can come off or stay on...26.0mm clamp good
for bars like the Nitto RB021 pursuit bullhorns, $45.(bars)
boxed w/allen key included! $55 each. (stem)
email to purchase (shipping $15 worldwide)

New, deadstock, and used parts for June...

Shimano Dura Ace Octalink NJS set -
167.5mm Keirin hollow tech cranks, very light and strong
matching NJS octalink bottom bracket set
matching Dura Ace 48T chainring (versatile size for both street/track)
I also have new sets for .... cranks $229, bb $65, Chainring $95.

email for ordering!

Nitto B123AA NJS aluminium drops, 34-40cm $75 new.
Nitto B123 steel chrome NJS drops, 34-42cm $49 new.
Nitto RB021 pursuit bars, 26.0 38-40cm $45 new.

email for ordering!

Suntour Superbe Pro NJS 165mm used crankset $160
Sugino Gigas NJS sprocket 14T $20 (new price is $65+!)
Nitto B123 NJS 35cm drops new, Nitto steel NJS stem (near new), new
Soyo white keirin long grips $120 set. Stem alone sells for $120 new!

email for ordering!

Sugino ZEN NJS chainring 45-46-47 (others available) $88
Dura Ace black edition (factory black!) $95 (44,46 and 47 in stock) 144bcd NJS
style (not njs stamped because they are black, only silver is stamped)
Dura Ace NJS 44,45,46T chainring, new silver $95 (3 left)
Vittoria Topazio all white clincher, $SOLD
Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS headset (used on 95% of keirin bikes) $85 new (6 left)

email for ordering!

San Marco REGAL black saddle new $sold
Sugino chainring/cog/tool bag, deadstock from the 90's , new $50 (1 left)
Dura Ace rear track NJS hub, double thread, no lockring, new, laced once and
then unlaced before use. Perfect, $sold
MKS Custom Nuevo NJS sealed black cage pedals $sold
MKS Sylvan black or silver track pedals, good for street, copy of the Campa Record
design, $21 pair new.
MKS black plastic toe clips, $9.50 pair new. M and L size, heaps in stock.
Suntour NJS cogs! Deadstock from 12 years ago...13T $20 each new.
Suntour NJS pedal cages, bolts, black, replacement so you can make your classic
NJS pedals shine again. $49. Rare.

email for ordering!

59cm VIVALO NJS Frame - REYNOLDS 853

VIVALO NJS Keirin Frameset....
590mm (!) CTT seat tube, 575mm CTC top tube.
110 spaced ends.
REYNOLDS 853 tubing, typically a $400 up charge when custom ordered
at Vivalo.
Fade red-white paint job. Plenty of chipping, but still looking good!
NJS stamped, with a Hatta Swan NJS Deluxe headset. $SOLD (very rare big size)
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SAMSON NJS Keirin Frameset....
530mm CTT seat tube, 540mm CTC top tube.
120 spaced ends.
Early Samson frame, very rough paint, but perfect for an entry-level NJS frame,
or street frame. Dent on one side of top tube, and a lot of touch up pen patches,
but still a very beautiful Harada San-built frame from the most expensive factory
in Japan! Also included is a free blue 1/8 chain, Nitto stem, Hatta NJS headset,
and seat post to get you started on your build. $SOLD
email for ordering
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Candy Rim OCEAN edition. Limited Ocean Pink version with rainbow metal flake.
$105 each. 20 sets only.
32 hole Clinchers, 25mm side wall profile.


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