Nagasawa NJS KEIRIN Track frame

Nagasawa NJS KEIRIN Track frame
Stamped April 1984 on the BB Shell.
110 rear spacing , 27.2 seat tube.
Rare pink paint (usually Nagasawa are koichi red, white, silver).
In pretty amazing condition for its age. No dents, not much chips to the paint either.
NJS Hatta Headset, NJS Shimano Bottom Bracket.
The Nagasawa stickers on each side of the down tube have half-come off over time.
Shortly my red Nagasawa 545mm frame will be for sale too. $sold - 1997 model.
Seat tube CTT 555mm
Top tube CTC 550mm

Campagnolo Pista 165mm CRANKS

Campagnolo 165mm PISTA cranks. Decent condition for their age, but the arms mismatch. They are
both stamped PISTA and are both 165mm but the edges have a slightly different design, I guess they are from different years.

King Speed NJS Keirin frame 540mm

KING SPEED NJS KEIRIN track frame. NJS stamped and certified.
NJS Tange Headset, and NJS Sugino Bottom Bracket.
Nice old King Speed NJS lugged, handbuilt frame with English style head tube lugs, head badge, and
down tube logo. In great shape for its age.
Size is .......
540mm seat tube CTT
540mm top tube CTC
120mm rear spacing.
No dents and very little scratching.

Track/Keirin and used....

Random Keirin/Track parts.....
Sugino Super Mighty cranks (old school!) 144 pcd track with bolts $SOLD
51T BIA Sugino Mighty Competition chainring (BIA is the NJS of yesteryear! I am waiting to see an all-BIA build by someone! $65
51T BIA Shimano Track chainring (BIA is the NJS of yesteryear, rare stuff in Japan)
Someone stamped (lightly) MASH 2007 into this ring! $20
46T Sugino Mighty Compe Track chainring, $50
46T New Sugino 75 Track NJS Keirin chainring $70 (new in pack)
Used chains, all NJS Keirin chains.
DID stainless Racing Pro NJS silver $25
HKK Vertex Silver NJS $25
Izumi ESH NJS gold $25
Shimano Dura Ace NJS sealed bearing Keirin headset for 1'' threaded frame/forks.
$89 (1 only)
Used Nitto/Win pista bars, stem combo.
Bars are half road/half track shaped, and are made by Win Japan. They are pretty old, and need to be used with tape to cover the scratching.
The stem is Nitto, not sure of the model name. Similar to the Pearl NJS model, but older, and 25.4''.
Good condition too. $45
Nitto B123 360mm NJS Keirin bars, cromo, brand new in wrapping. $48
Metallico Tsuchinoko, high polished stainless custom 320mm straight bar, with round ends! Very very sweet. $85 (made in Osaka, by my good friend Kenchans boutique piste bike company)
Nitto B201AA risers, anodized aluminium $40 (i will soon have custom painted versions, first batch will be black with silver metalflake!).
Fujita Seamless Pista saddle, brown suede. Very old, but in great condition, although the rails are getting rusty). $45 with optional Sugino Mighty seat post for $75

Track wheelsets - NJS certified Keirin.

Very rare early NJS Campagnolo Record wheelset (yes they were made!).
36 hole Araya GOLD NJS Keirin tubular rims - 11.9mm profile.
Keirin Asahi spokes.
These are surely the rarest NJS hubs in existance.

Araya ADX1 aero 16mm profile 650C tubular (new) 32 hole.
Sansin 32 hole track high flange hub.
Hoshi spokes.
3x spoke pattern.
$SOLD *thanks Andy!

Campagnolo C-RECORD 36 hole high flange Sheriff Star rear track hub.
Araya GOLD NJS 11.9 profile tubular 36 hole rim.
Hoshi Spokes.

Suntour Superbe/Araya AERO 1 tubular
Front - Asahi blade spokes, tied, laced to very rare 1st generation Suntour Superbe NJS high flange Keirin hub. Good used Vittoria tubular, with plenty of life left, good for street too.
Rear - Hoshi spokes, laced to 28 hole 1st generation Suntour Superbe low flange hub. Good used Vittoria tubular tyre with plenty of live left in it. These tyres work great on the street.
Rims are super sexy old school Araya AERO 1, track tubulars, just beatiful! Very hard to find in Japan.

Suzue/Araya GOLD NJS wheelset
Front - Araya GOLD NJS 11.9mm profile tubular Keirin front tubular rim, blade Hoshi spokes tied, Suzue Pro Max NJS 36 hole high flange Keirin hub.
Rear - Araya GOLD NJS 11.9mm profile tubular Keirin rear tubular rim, Asahi Keirin spokes, Mystery NJS high flange hub with no brand mark left, but does have NJS stamp, and is high flange.
I am guessing it is Sansin (who also made superbe pro hubs for suntour)
The tyres will be pulled off and discarded. They are worn to near-death.

3RENSHO FRAMES - 2 track, and 1 road frame.

Rare 3RENSHO 515/540mm NJS Track frame.
110 spacing, NJS headset/BB.
Freshly restored by Kusaka-San at VIVALO in Kobe, Hyogo-Ken, Japan.
Beautiful white paint, with electric blue metal flake!
A full original NOS decal set was used for this frame, including the Yoshi Konno signature decal, and famous Ishiwata Zo sticker!
Very rare opportunity to have an as-new 3RENSHO Keirin frame for your next build up.

Rare 3RENSHO 565mm/560mm NJS Track frame.

110 spacing, 27.0 seat tube, NJS headset/bb.
Freshly restored by Kusaka-San at VIVALO in Kobe, Hyogo-Ken, Japan.
Beautiful black paint, with the most rainbow metal flake I have ever seen on a bike! Tiny flakes
were used for this frame.
A full original NOS decal set was used for this frame, including the Yoshi Konno signature decal, and famous Ishiwata Zo sticker!
It really gets no better than this. It is so hard for me to find big 3Rensho frames, and this one is in as-new condition.

Rare 3RENSHO road frame, freshly restored at VIVALO keirin frame builder in Kobe, Hyogo-Ken, Japan.
Stark white w/silver/rainbow metal flakes. Original NOS decal kit was used, including fork decals.
Very difficult to find anything like this, anywhere in the world, especially in 570mm seat tube size.