VIVALO DECAL SETS and SOON! Custom frames!

VIVALO (kusaka) Keirin frame decal kits. I got these from the man himself, Kusaka-San. Blue, gold, prism hologram,red or white. One sheet does one bike, and an extra 'V' sticker is included for the head tube. These go under the clear coat. In Japan no companies actual sell the decal kits, so this is a very rare opportunity if you own a Vivalo that you want to restore.
$79 plus $15 postage worldwide - email
I will also soon have custom VIVALO frames available for order, options including any colours including metal flake, high and low bottom bracket, custom seat tube length, top tube length, aero or classic seat stays, 120 or 110 spacing, with or without Hatta Swan NJS head set, and Hatta R9400 bottom bracket.
They can be branded as either VIVALO, blank/no stickers, or as OCEAN, which is the new factory name, Kusaka San, collaborating with a young Keirin frame builder, will be applying for NJS certification in 3 years time.
I expect these frames to start at around $940 plus postage with headset and metal flake paint/decals.
When all details are finalised I will do the first batch of orders. 5-8 frames have already been made for local customers in Japan. They look amazing!