New Dura Ace NJS hub stock, Araya rims, Nitto stems, wheelsets...

More Dura Ace hubs arrived today. I have only 36 hole NJS stamped (32 and 28 hole are not allowed in Keirin). Double threaded so you can fit 2 cogs, 1 on either side. Lockring included. New in box.
120/10 rear spacing $205
110/8 rear spacing $260 (discontinued for 2008 by Shimano Japan)

Araya GOLD 16B world champion NJS stamped rims. Tubular only. 36 hole only. These
are the only rims used in Keirin racing. I have used and new. 11.9mm sidewall, super low profile.
High polished finish.
new $110 each
used $40 each
Set of brand new Dura Ace NJS hubs, new Araya GOLD NJS rims, Hoshi NJS spokes.
or with used rims...

Single Araya Super Aero 24 hole Tubular track rim (super cool! my favourite rims ever made).
These have been out of productions for a long time. 650C size, great for street riders who need
a nice 650C rim for tricks. High polish, deep profile (31mm), aero design.

Nitto old school, high crown stems. Less aggressive angle great for the street. Non-NJS, but very cool vintage design, perfect to compliment a lugged frame. 90mm extension, 25.4mm standard clamp size.
$65 (only 2 in stock, and I can not get any more. Out of production)