3Rensho, Makino, and Samson frames just arrived!

4 more ridiculous njs racing frames, all nicely sized between 55.5cm and 56cm....please check out the FRAME STOCK page tomorrow morning, to see all the pics and details....
email rene@njssupermarket.net to order. Thanks! :)

Monster 60cm NAGASAWA NJS road training track frame.


2 more large track frames with still-wet paint jobs!

Ocean 58cm, and Samson 56cm track frames.
Hand made in Japan.
Check them out on the FRAME STOCK page!
email rene@njssupermarket.net

VIVALO and SAMSON 560mm NJS Keirin race frames...

Check the FRAME STOCK page to see all the frames for sale!
(email rene@njssupermarket.net to order....thanks!)