60cm new Panasonic NJS frame

White, new, huge, NJS stamped, $SOLD
Only one in stock. See more pics on the FRAMES page....
email hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering.

Parts Restock!

New parts -restock......all new in box.....
email hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering.....

Toshi double straps $79, Singles $47

Sugino 46T 75 NJS chainrings $69, cranksets $159
Dura Ace NJS cranksets $189, Dura hubsets $189 (32 or 36 hole)
Gran Compe full black wheelsets $289
HKK VERTEX silver chains, gold chains $45
Nitto riser bars $35
Kashimax FG4P white NJS saddles $75, 8P model $99
Dia Compe front clamp-on brakes for track frames, full kit $69, rear kit $39.
Hatta NJS headset $85 new, R9400 NJS bb set $85 new

Used chainring and crank clearance!

All NJS rings $29, email hunknlance@gmail.com to check the stock, about 15 available.

Sugino aero mighty NJS cranksets $119 each well used. 165mm.

More frames/Parts...

I just got these frames in for sale....all are still available as of Monday 7th.
The white eimei, 2 Samsons, and a few other frames are still here too!

Nagasawa blue - 525mm CTT seat tube, 535mm CTC top tube, 120 ends, looks clean but on
close inspection it has a cheap crappy re-paint, w/stickers masked off. Good for a first Keirin
frame, $790 (no dents, NJS headset/NJS bb)

Nagasawa white - 525mm CTT seat tube, 535mm CTC top tube, 110 ends, very rough paint, w/poorly touched up chips etc..with paint pen. Suits restoration, but has no dents, so could be a
nice daily street bike too. $sold (no dents, NJS headset/NJS bb)

Vivalo black - 570mm CTT seat tube, 560mm CTC top tube, 120 ends, very nice paint with a ton of rainbow sparkle flake in it! Looks amazing. No dents, 27.2 seat tube internal diameter.
Kaisei 8630R NiCr-Mo tubing. $SOLD

Bridgestone white - 550mm CTT seat tube, 540mm CTC top tube, 110 ends, paint ok, but very old. Nothing too ugly, general scratch/chips all over. No dents! NJS bb, and NJS headset.
email hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering

ARAYA Super Aero 650 Purple version!! 650C clincher (!), original limited edition purple anodized, Hoshi stainless spokes, 3X pattern to new Dura Ace high flange track front hub. All
parts are new. These are the nicest rims to ever come out of Japan, and are deadstock. I have only ever seen another 2 purple versions. $SOLD
email hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering.

Gran Compe SS white/green/pink

Finally got some more tyres from Gran Compe!
All white SS 23x700c model $42/$84 (pair)
All fluoro pink SS 23x700c model $42/$84 (pair)
All bright green SS 23x700c model $42/$84 (pair)

Be quick these always sell out within 2-3 days. Shipping for a pair is $24 to usa/canada/aus.
email hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering!

Red and Silver SAMSON NJS Frames 56&57cm

A couple of lovely Harada-built, SAMSON frames. Both nice and big!
56cm CTT seat tube
55cm CTC top tube
120 ends, njs headset and bb, quite clean, no dents.
57cm CTT seat tube
55cm CTC top tube
120 ends, njs headset and bb, a fair bit of scratching/chips, but no dents.
email rene@njssupermarket.net for ordering!