New 7mm thick white clinchers from Beans/Farnear!!

Now in stock, M and S size Starfuckers XENON frames from Tokyo. Included are frame, double end fork (!), seat pin, bb set, and headset. Check out all the photos now in the SUPERMARKET

Super strong, thick new 25c tyres from Masuda San at Beans in Tokyo. Released under the Farnear brand, they are the strongest tyres in Japan. I have been using one for 3 months now, on my Samson with only 2 skid points! Still going strong with no brakes. Highly recommended! :)


From Osaka, Japan.....METALLICO Super Drops and Super Bulls, back in the Supermarket later today.

Amazing quality...steel w/smooth seamless rounded ends, white-black-white w/sparkles-black w/sparkles....Perfect. Hand made/customised by craftsmen in Osaka, and finally painted at the ex-3Rensho paint shop! :)

New T19 New Era Caps....!

Just in, at Track Supermarket! Hard to find caps from the Tee 19 crew in Japan.

The new shop in Osaka, GIRA GIRA!

We had a good time on Saturday night with the renewal opening of my shop in Osaka, Gira Gira! Here are some photos my friend Ken, from Metallico took. He makes the nicest bars in Japan. The Metallico Tsuchinoko, Super Drops, and Super Bulls. They are made the old Osakan way, by hand with high quality Japanese Araya steel. The Super Drops and Bulls, are made starting out with NJS nitto bars!
Check the slide show at Kens blog....

New parts in stock....

In stock this last week.....
Nitto rare parts, including lugged seat posts, and Tee19 collaboration parts. More Dura Ace Zen chainrings also in stock, as well as black sparkle champ grips....

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