Kashimax custom gold/silver/white keirin track bike saddles.

Kashimax Five Gold 4P, Keirin track saddles.
These are all custom order for NJS Super Market, from Kashimax in Osaka Japan!!
4 types available. Patent white, patent silver, patent gold, and ostrich white!
$109 each, 5 only of each style in stock. They are all padded, and have standard 44mm rails.
email rene@njssupermarket.net to order!

Bomber Pro NJS Keirin Frame.

Bomber Pro NJS Keirin Frame.
550/550mm size. Dura Ace NJS headset, Hatta R9400 NJS bb set.
March 2008 frame, very clean condition, apart from dent in top tube.
$890 Go to the FRAME STOCK page to see 6 photos of this frame!
email rene@njssupermarket.net to order

VIVALO 595mm NJS Keirin Frame

Nice huge VIVALO NJS frame for you today! No dents, just general scratching/wear from years
of use. The fork has been swapped for a white Bridgestone fork, which came from a Bridgestone NJS Keirin frame.
595mm seat tube CTT
570mm top tube CTC
110mm ends
Hatta Swan NJS Headset
Sugino 75 NJS Bottom Bracket Set
$SOLD (njs frames are very hard to find this large!)
email rene@njssupermarket.net to order
Go to the FRAME STOCK page for photos.

Gran Compe Track Wheel Set- ALL BLACK!

Gran Compe, Japan, all black track wheelset.
Gran Compe rims, 24mm deep, all black anodized, with eyelets, clincher 700c type.
Gran Compe sealed bearing track high flange hubs, black anodized, 32 hole.
Black spokes laced 3 cross pattern, built at the factory.
Rim tape already fitted......................$300 per set of 2.
(all-SILVER VERSION also available!)

email rene@njssupermarket.net to order

Araya Super Aero 700c Dura Ace wheelset...H PLUS barspin wheel

1. Araya Super Aero 700c tubular rims, clean condition.
Shimano Dura Ace low flange hubs.
Good tyres fitted, not much use. $490

2.H PLUS 650c clincher, 42mm deep, white powder coated rim. 2 weeks use.
Shimano Dura Ace NJS HB 7600 high flange track hub. 2 weeks use.
Rare HOSHI 3 Blade stainless spokes, laced 4 cross. 2 weeks use. $265

email rene@njssupermarket.net to order!

Three Beautiful ARAYA 90's front track bike wheels....

1. Araya Aero 4 White Clincher 700c rim, new.
Hoshi stainless spokes, brass nipples, new.
Shimano Dura Ace HB7600 36 hole NJS track hub, new.
2. Araya Aero 4 purple tubular 650c rim, new.
Hoshi stainless spokes, brass nipples, new.
Shimano Dura Ace HB7600 28 hole track hub, new.
3. Araya Super Aero polished tubular 650c rim, new.
Hoshi stainless blades, blue nipples, new.
Shimano Dura Ace HB7600 28 hole track hub, new.
email rene@njssupermarket.net to order!

MAEDA, NJS Keirin track frame from Japan. 560mm.

Amazing Maeda NJS keirin frame, with 2 tone blue fade paint job, metal flake rainbow sparkles,
and hologram stickers. Nice and large too! 560mm/550mm. Check it out on the frame stock page.
email rene@njssupermarket.net to order.....$990

Makino 575mm NJS Keirin track frame, Chiba Japan.

Beautiful dark blue paint, 575mm frame built by Makino San with 3Rensho lugs and stays. Makino San built many 3Rensho frames before opening his own frame custom shop. Check this one out on the frame stock page......email rene@njssupermarket.net to order......$SOLD

LEVEL NJS Keirin frame from Tokyo Japan.

Amazing LEVEL frame, with the famous mirror-image logo, built by the head of the framebuilders
assoc. in Japan, Matsuda San. Metallic darkish red, w/rainbow flake, gold stickers. 525/535mm.
Check it out on the frame stock page, email rene@njssupermarket.net to order......$1090 near new.

Nagasawa 56/56cm NJS Keirin frame, 1985 build!

Hand made in south Osaka, Japan, by the best builder in the world. 1985 serial number, quite
an early frame. Gunmetal paint, and nice large size! Check it out on the frame stock page...
email rene@njssupermarket to order ...... $SOLD

Panasonic NJS custom order, available in your size!

Panasonic steel lugged, hand made in Nara, Kansai Japan. NJS approved, built
with original design lugs. Available in sizes from 47cm all the way up to 64cm!
$890 plus shipping, email rene@njssupermarket.net for all the details.

H PLUS SON built wheel sets...

A pre-built front 650c white 42mm deep clincher, with Hoshi stainless spokes,
Hoshi gold nipples, 3 X pattern ,laced to Gran Compe purple high flange track
hub w/sealed bearings. Built by Kishiguchi Yoh of Ocean Cycle Factory, $239.
This will fit all track bike forks. If used with a 700c standard size fork, you will be
able to spin the handlebars around, without the tyre hitting your down tube.

And a built pair of gold 42mm deep clinchers, with Hoshi stainless spokes, Hoshi
gold nipples, 3 X pattern, laced to Gran Compe gold high flange track hubs, w/sealed
bearings. $449.
These will fit all track bikes, apart from older keirin frames with 110mm spacing at the rear end.

email rene@njssupermarket.net to order!

PRESTO 555mm NJS Keirin frame

Pro NJS Keirin frame, built in Tottori for Takagi Senshu.
Silver metal flake, hologram sticker kit. This is the
new current Solution model, 555mm seat tube CTT,
top tube 550mm. 120 ends. No dents. $950
check the FRAME STOCK page for pics...email rene@njssupermarket.net
to buy!

SUGINO sealed track bike 110mm bb, to be used with such NJS cranks as...
Dura ace
Sugino 75
Superbe Pro
English thread, square taper. $30 ea. Not smooth like NJS bb sets, but very affordable!
(hatta r9400 $89, sugino 75 $75, Dura ace $75)
email rene@njssupermarket.net to order!

San Marco SUPER CORSA Lazer, suede, padded race saddles, deadstock NOS!!
Very rare, and seriously, the most perfect saddle for any track bike. I use these on
both my trick bike, and track bike. Very comfortable, sexy, and rare! $159 ea.
8 in stock only. These will sell fast...
email rene@njssupermarket.net to order

SUGINO 75, black track crank sets, 144pcd. Same as NJS silver
version, but in black anodized. Custom version with removed logo,
for that clean black stealth look. That is a nice way of saying, I did not
really like the new logo applied to the black version. $189 per set, or
$259 with a 45 or 46 matching black Sugino 75 keirin chainring.
email rene@njssupermarket.net to order! 5 sets left....

Tuesday good stuff.

INZIST (osaka) bar spin fork, for 700C keirin/track frames, with 700C front
Designed by Takamatsu Kenji-San, famous pro bmx/mtb/fixed rider in Japan.
It has a 1'' english threaded steerer, with plenty of length, straight arms with no
rake, very long. $255 black, $280 chrome.
Nagasawa fork crown, with love hearts! effective, and sexy. Hand made in Osaka, Japan.
email rene@njssupermarket.net to order

A quick shot of the 600mm Nakagawa (osaka,japan) hand made track
frame, to give you an idea of just how tight the clearances of this frame are.
You must use 23 profile tyres, or smaller, but ideally 21 profile tyres.
$950 (yasu!)
email rene@njssupermarket.net

Rare, and out of production, NITTO Crystal Fellow items. Beautiful vintage
design. Perfect finish.
120mm stem, $89
26.8mm / 44mm / 210mm seat post $89
27.0mm / 44mm / 210mm seat post $89
email rene@njssupermarket.net

Nice variations on the classic silver NITTO B210AA riser bar, from Tokyo, Japan.
Gold in stock, 3 only, $55 ea.
Black, 5 only in stock, $55 ea.
Blue, Tee19 style! $55 ea.
email rene@njsupermarket.net to order.

coming in the days to follow.....

MAEDA 560mm NJS Keirin frame, blue w/chrome decals , see the frame stock page!
PRESTO 555mm NJS Keirin frame, yellow, similar to the one below! see the frame stock page!

Suntour Superbe NJS cranks w/Ti S Cubic Sugino NJS ring, around $280 (170mm/50T)
Suntour Superbe NJS pedal set w/new cages, alumi MKS NJS clips, $90
MKS RX1 NJS pedal set w/kashimax single NJS straps, alumi MKS NJS clips, $75 a bit rough
San Marco SuperCorsa LAZER black suede NOS saddles, $159 !
Sugino 75 deadstock NOS pink toe straps! $18 pair. 1980's!
Nitto B201AA black riser bars! $49.90
Gran Compe 25mm clincher rims, gold/black/white/silver 36H 700C, $125 pair.

rough Blue PANASONIC NJS keirin track frame

$SOLD, check it out on the FRAME STOCK page.....
email rene@njssupermarket.net to order

Gran Compe White and new PURPLE! SS clincher tyres for track bikes

New PURPLE release from Yoshigai, Japan!
Gran Compe SS 23/700C size clincher tyres for track/road bike wheels.
Purple $89 pair, White $89 pair.... Only 10 of each in stock.

order by emailing rene@njssupermarket.net

Vogue and Ganwell 550mm NJS Keirin frames...Bomber Pro funny bike

A couple of lovely new NJS keirin frames in stock...

One is a yellow Vogue, 550mm brand new from the factory! Never built! $1150

The other is a white/black/red fade Ganwell Pro, 550mm, looks brand new, but has been
built/most likely ridden...$1100

Also a Bomber Pro, funny bike road frame, (time trial) 24 inch/700c, internal cabling, chromed
and one of the most amazing frames I have seen. Strangely, it has an NJS stamped bb shell!!
Comes with 24 inch Nisi tubular included, brand new (since I know 24 inch rims are hard to find)....would be an amazing track bike conversion too!

email rene@njssupermarket.net to order!

Toshi riding gloves! Vintage suede..very rare,deadstock.

Super rare FUJITOSHI riding gloves, suede on the inside. These are long out of production,
deadstock, brand new!
Red pair is size S, $89
Grey pair is size M, $SOLD

email rene@njssupermarket.net to order!

Top Shelf track chainrings from Japan! Sugino, Dura Ace.

Dura Ace, NJS track chainring, 47 tooth, 144 pcd, good used condition $SOLD

Sugino Zen, NJS track chainring, 45 tooth, 144 pcd, near brand new $SOLD
Sugino Zen, NJS track chainring, 46 tooth, 144 pcd, near brand new $SOLD

Sugino S-Cubic, Titanium coated NJS track chainring, new $349, used/clean $80
51 tooth.
Sugino S-Cubic, Titanium coated NJS track chainring, new $349, used, semi polished! $SOLD
51 tooth.
Sugino S-Cubic, Titanium coated NJS track chainring, new $349, used, high polished! $100
50 tooth.

email rene@njssupermarket.net

Sexy color Gran Compe shot brake levers...

Sexy colorful Gran Compe shot levers in stock, the pink one is 'pinker' than
it looks in the photo....blue, black, silver and gold also in stock!
These crazy levers are mounted right next to your stem, and can be controlled with
either left or right hand!
$49 each.
email rene@njssupermarket.net to order

These brakes control one brake only. For example, you can run a clamp on front
brake ($69 if bought from me), and control the same brake with both levers of
this Gran Compe Shot Lever.

Rare sized NJS Keirin hubsets, suntour/campa/dura ace/suzue

Here are some uncommon hubs for your next track bike wheel build....
Dura Ace 7600 high flange track hub set , 28 hole, 110mm/8mm rear spacing (rare!) $190
Dura Ace 7600 high flange track front hub, 28 hole, new $94

Suntour Superbe Pro high flange NJS 36h track rear hub w/110mm/8mm spacing $150

Suzue Pro Max high flange NJS 36h track rear hub w/110mm/8mm spacing $130

Campagnolo C Record 'sheriff star' rear track hub, 120mm/10mm spacing $SOLD

email rene@njssupermarket.net to order!

Rare ARAYA 650C deadstock front barspin wheels!

Araya Aero 4 PURPLE EDITION, semi aero, 28 hole with new Dura Ace track hub
and Hoshi stainless spokes, built by Kishiguchi Yoh of Ocean Cycle Factory. All parts
new....these rims are long out of production! $255

Araya Super Aero 30mm silver, polished silver, 28 hole with new Dura Ace track hub
and Hoshi blade spokes! Blue Hoshi nipples, built by Kishiguchi Yoh of Ocean Cycle
Factory, Osaka Japan. All parts new, these rims are also long out of production, and
so are the rare blade spokes! $300

email rene@njssupermarket.net

Used NJS Keirin track cranks party....

Used Pro racing crank sets from Keirin Japan. All NJS approved.
From the top starting with Dura Ace Octalink, going clockwise....
Shimano Dura Ace octalink 7710 NJS crankset 167.5mm $170 very clean
Shimano Dura Ace octalink 7710 NJS crankset 167.5mm $190 super clean
Suntour Superbe Pro NJS crankset 165mm, used but polished $280 super clean
Sugino 75 NJS crankset 167.5mm $140 very clean
Shimano Dura Ace 7600 NJS crankset 165mm $160 very clean
Sugino 75 Grand Mighty, NJS crankset 165mm $180 super clean

email rene@njssupermarket.net