Tuesday good stuff.

INZIST (osaka) bar spin fork, for 700C keirin/track frames, with 700C front
Designed by Takamatsu Kenji-San, famous pro bmx/mtb/fixed rider in Japan.
It has a 1'' english threaded steerer, with plenty of length, straight arms with no
rake, very long. $255 black, $280 chrome.
Nagasawa fork crown, with love hearts! effective, and sexy. Hand made in Osaka, Japan.
email rene@njssupermarket.net to order

A quick shot of the 600mm Nakagawa (osaka,japan) hand made track
frame, to give you an idea of just how tight the clearances of this frame are.
You must use 23 profile tyres, or smaller, but ideally 21 profile tyres.
$950 (yasu!)
email rene@njssupermarket.net

Rare, and out of production, NITTO Crystal Fellow items. Beautiful vintage
design. Perfect finish.
120mm stem, $89
26.8mm / 44mm / 210mm seat post $89
27.0mm / 44mm / 210mm seat post $89
email rene@njssupermarket.net

Nice variations on the classic silver NITTO B210AA riser bar, from Tokyo, Japan.
Gold in stock, 3 only, $55 ea.
Black, 5 only in stock, $55 ea.
Blue, Tee19 style! $55 ea.
email rene@njsupermarket.net to order.