Some more frames today....
A crazy Panasonic in pink/purple/white courtesy of Nihon University Team. $1050
A champagne silver Bridgestone w/red stickers. $750
A pink pearl Samson in a large 57.5cm size. $850
...and...a LEVEL in silver with the nice old style logo! $1050
All of these frames have no dents. The new website will be up in just a few days,
and these frames will all be available to purchase there....

Makino 56cm / Samson 51.5cm / Anchor 53.5cm

A bunch of frames have arrived (new website is just a few days away now).....
....also soon to arrive. 55cm Level, 53cm Anchor, 54cm Panasonic, 54cm Nishiki,
56cm Presto, 57cm Osca.

Makino is 56/56cm Hatta headset, Hatta bb fitted, $890 (light dent)
Anchor is 53.5cm/55cm w/Dura Ace sealed headset, like new, amazing conditon, $950
Samson is 51.5cm/52.5cm w/Hatta headset, Hatta bb fitted, $790

email rene@njssupermarket.net

Mini parts update...

I am dying to play with my new Nikon D700 for some parts photos, but for now, here is a mini
photo-less parts update....
Gran Compe black, pink, or white track drops (painted) $59
Metallico Super Drops, NJS B123 35cm bars, with round/smooth ends and paint, chopped 3.5cm. $179 for black or white, $189 for white w/sparkles or black w/sparkles.
Champ Keirin Long Grips (19 colors) $19.50
B Witch blue, gold or pink cogs, 17/18/19T $35.90
Nagasawa 55cm authentic restoration , bright sparkly raspberry pink (never built) $1900
H PLUS black 700c rimset, Hoshi Stainless Spokes, Red Hoshi nipples, Red Gran Compe track
hubs $559

email rene@njssupermarket.net

Shopping Cart / Shop reform !

The new website is going live very soon. A few bugs to fix, and we will be ready to go.
All the NJS parts will be available of course, as well as select parts from Japanese
makers like Nitto (including limited editions), Champ(grips in 19 colors), Gran Compe,
and even Panasonic NJS custom order frames available with upgraded tubing and custom
lugs. The new Metallico super drops are also available in white, black, white w/sparkles, and
black w/sparkles!
I am still working on the shipping calculator to make sure it is acccurate, and adding a few frames.

Me and Sayaka are also reforming the shop in Osaka, since Ocean Cycle Factory got a new shop in Namba (osaka), Track Supermarket now have the entire Horie shop (osaka). Great news for both myself and Oceans Kishiguchi San. For any of you who have visited, you have seen just how cramped a Japanese bike shop can be!

Finally, I have finally secured a long term visa, so will be here for years to come. This is a huge achievement for me. Something that is going to help the business immensely.

Last but definitely not least, Sayaka Matsuse (many of you will know her already) is now full time at the Track Supermarket shop in Horie, and is working overtime to get new accounts with everyone from W Base, to T19, to Sag, Jan, and CCP, as well as japanese magazine/book publishers, so before too long, the website is going to be absolutely full of anything and everything you could want from the Japan Track Bike Scene.

Anyway, I once again apologise to all for the slow email responses and lack of updates, but I feel we are on the final straight here, and I appreciate your patience.