Mini parts update...

I am dying to play with my new Nikon D700 for some parts photos, but for now, here is a mini
photo-less parts update....
Gran Compe black, pink, or white track drops (painted) $59
Metallico Super Drops, NJS B123 35cm bars, with round/smooth ends and paint, chopped 3.5cm. $179 for black or white, $189 for white w/sparkles or black w/sparkles.
Champ Keirin Long Grips (19 colors) $19.50
B Witch blue, gold or pink cogs, 17/18/19T $35.90
Nagasawa 55cm authentic restoration , bright sparkly raspberry pink (never built) $1900
H PLUS black 700c rimset, Hoshi Stainless Spokes, Red Hoshi nipples, Red Gran Compe track
hubs $559