A few restocks....no pics yet.

Todays Restocks....
Clamp on front brake kits by DIA COMPE, complete $75
Nitto high crown retro style stems $65
Dura Ace axle conversion kits, to change 120 hubs to 110, complete $55
Metallico straight bars, rounded ends, polished stainless 320mm only $85
Nitto B201AA aluminum riser bars! $40
HKK Vertex Blue NJS racing chains $39
hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering

Wednesday rarities....

A few random rare items I have picked up recently.
2 sets of CAMPA NJS C RECORD Track hubs. $550 per pair
Coming in a few days! C Record wheelset NJS with Araya rims/NJS Hoshi spokes...!
Sugino 75 GIGAS S-CUBIC Titanium chainring, 50T 144pcd NJS... $SOLD (retail in Japan is us$340!) Crazy. This was a leftover from the OCEAN photo shoot.
Arai NJS Keirin helmet! All white, size M, near mint condition. marked 2007... $SOLD
Kashimax X Diamond Back, 25 year old bmx/keirin saddle, NJS stamped, black suede, new
old deadstock. Very rare. Includes bmx seat post rail bracket...$145.

email hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering!

VIVALO - Freshly restored w/Reynolds 853/Nagasawa lugs.

530/530 VIVALO frame built with Reynolds 853 tubes, and all
Nagasawa lugs, bb shell, love heart 3-piece fork crown and ends.
Freshly restored in Koichi Nagano Red, gold small metal flakes, and gold
chrome decals. 120 spacing.
Hatta NJS headset, Sugino NJS bottom bracket. Check the FRAMES page for
more pics and details. $SOLD
email hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering

OCEAN preview shots....

Some preview shots of the new OCEAN frames made by Kusaka San in Kobe, Japan.
I am currently taking orders. Full studio shots will be up on Monday/Tuesday.
Click on the link at the top of this page, for more details.
BLUE FRAME FOR SALE! $990 never ridden, mint.

email hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering

3 Big PANASONIC frames, 1 Samson frame.

3 Brand new PANASONIC frames, built in Nara, Japan. NJS stamped.

1.Gold w/gold decals,
580mm seat tube CTT, 555mm top tube CTC.
120mm rear end spacing.
Tange tubing, Tange NJS headset. Straight from the factory! $SOLD

2.Super lime green w/white decals, kanji on top tube 'keirin',
590mm seat tube CTT, 560mm top tube CTC.
120mm rear end spacing.
Tange tubing, Tange NJS headset. Straight from the factory! $980

3.Bright sky blue w/white decals, kanji on top tube 'keirin',
570mm seat tube CTT, 550mm top tube CTC.
120mm rear end spacing.
Tange tubing, Tange NJS headset. Straight from the factory. Fresh! $980

email hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering.

Nice big, gaijin-friendly, Samson for sale. Columbus pipes, and chromed under paint! Around 555mm square. Check the FRAMES department, by clicking the link at the top of this page.....

Nitto retro stems, and steel NJS stems....

Nitto High Crown retro track stems.... $65 each. Super cool, looks nice with a lugged steel frame.
These are discontinued by Nitto Tokyo. Only 3 left in stock.

Nitto steel NJ PRO Jaguar track stems, heavy, super solid, trusted by thousands of Keirin senshu in Japan. Polished chrome finish is beautiful. I have 10 or 11 used stems for $68 each. They retail in the US for about $159 or so....

email hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering.

Candy Rims and Nitto NJS black drops...

I will be stocking these Candy Rims from Kobe shortly. They are Araya clinchers, with custom
black paint, rainbow metal flake, and clear coat. 32 hole, and there is an option to combine your
order with either Gran Compe or Dura Ace high flange track hubs. Expect around $100 per rim.

These black drops are for sale too. B125AA NJS Nitto Keirin drops, painted straight gloss black, with chrome Vivalo stickers. These are the super light aluminum version. 1 only $SOLD

MKS Custom Nuevo Gold Pedals $SOLD
Campagnolo aero seat pillar 27.2 44mm rails $SOLD
Nitto Jaguar SP72 NJS 30mm 27.0 seat pillar $SOLD
Sugino Mighty NJS seat pillar 27.2 44mm rails $49
Sunshine (sansin) BIA star high flange Keirin hub set 110/8 100/8mm RARE $SOLD
(bia is stamped on pre-NJS keirin parts!)
Cinelli 67 bars (pista vintage) 380mm wide with Cinelli 100mm stem (needs polish) and Soyo Keirin long grips, white. $SOLD

hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering

Nagasawa, Makino, Panasonic, Baramon, Vivalo

Some new frames on offer in the frames department....click the link at the top of the page.
Makino 550mm SOLD
Nagasawa 535mm SOLD
Baramon 530mm
Panasonic 580mm
Vivalo 570mm SOLD

TOSHI Doubles and SUGINO NJS cranks/Hatta BBs...

Finally got TOSHI double clip strap restocks.. $79 pair. *only red left now!

Sugino 75 crank sets in 165mm square taper, NJS, with bolts. These keep selling out fast but I have another 10 sets $159

Hatta R9400 NJS Bottom Bracket sets w/no box, because these are direct from Hatta to Keirin frame builders. $89 *3 only*

Sugino 75 NJS Bottom Bracket set (all new but bolts are used chrome sugino) $75

Campagnolo NJS Bottom Bracket set (very rare...bolts are Hatta not Campa) Njs stamped on both cups, axle, and lockring. $200

Shimano Dura Ace octalink NJS bottom bracket set (used, sealed bearing, top condition) $55

Nagasawa Keirin NJS fork 117.1 w/Love heart crown, brand new never used, pearl white paint!
Very rare. $290 *1 only

Sugino Super Mighty 165mm track cranks, 144bcd, great condition vintage Japanese crankset, with bolts. $SOLD

Sugino Mighty Competition track chainrings 144bcd, 47T $55

MKS Mikashima pedal set - Royal Nuevo NJS pedals, MKS steel NJS clips, and white MKS non-NJS single straps *not pictured* $SOLD

email hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering.

New parts department...

From now on, you click on the links at the top of the page, to see what new parts are available.
I am slightly changing the direction of what this blog will offer. I want to move away from well
used frames, and parts, and focus on 4 things....
1. New parts from Japan.
2. Restored/high polished used parts. Custom painted parts.
3. Dead stock, NOS parts from the 90's and 80's.
4. Restored Keirin frames w/new paint and decals.
5. Custom order new frames from OCEAN and Panasonic.

I will be updating the parts pages over the next 4 days. Cheers! Rene.