Candy Rims and Nitto NJS black drops...

I will be stocking these Candy Rims from Kobe shortly. They are Araya clinchers, with custom
black paint, rainbow metal flake, and clear coat. 32 hole, and there is an option to combine your
order with either Gran Compe or Dura Ace high flange track hubs. Expect around $100 per rim.

These black drops are for sale too. B125AA NJS Nitto Keirin drops, painted straight gloss black, with chrome Vivalo stickers. These are the super light aluminum version. 1 only $SOLD

MKS Custom Nuevo Gold Pedals $SOLD
Campagnolo aero seat pillar 27.2 44mm rails $SOLD
Nitto Jaguar SP72 NJS 30mm 27.0 seat pillar $SOLD
Sugino Mighty NJS seat pillar 27.2 44mm rails $49
Sunshine (sansin) BIA star high flange Keirin hub set 110/8 100/8mm RARE $SOLD
(bia is stamped on pre-NJS keirin parts!)
Cinelli 67 bars (pista vintage) 380mm wide with Cinelli 100mm stem (needs polish) and Soyo Keirin long grips, white. $SOLD for ordering