Dura Ace NJS double thread hub sets...

Finally got a decent amount of hubs in stock, so let me know what you need. I have 90% 36 hole NJS hubs, and also a few 32/28 hole hubs.
I have 120mm Dura Ace new in box NJS sets back in stock ,with double side threading. Important news is that Shimano Japan have apparently stopped producing 110 sets, so now you must use their conversion kits, which luckily I am also stocking, for $39 per kit. They are also soon ceasing production on single side thread kits. Dura Ace is the only remaining NJS hub maker.
$SOLD OUT per set.

Hatta NJS BB, Kashimax FG8P, NJS Chains, Straps/brakes

Here are a few more items I got around to adding today....

1. Hatta R9400 NJS Bottom Bracket....the most popular and highly regarded of all NJS approved
BB's. New in box...$SOLD
2. HKK Vertex Blue NJS chain $45
HKK Vertex Silver NJS chain $SOLD
HKK Vertex Gold NJS chain $49
Izumi ESH Gold NJS chain $SOLD
Izumi Model V Super Toughness NJS chain $SOLD
3. Dia Compe Keirin clamp on brake kit, for either round forks or now also oval forks!! $79
4. Kashimax Dual Sprint double clip straps, NJS, double sued laminated, ivory, best in the world $SOLD
MKS single straps, NJS, ivory colour laminated, double thickness(these are not the cheaper black suede model)
MKS double clip straps, NJS, black suede, double thick! $SOLD
5. Kashimax FG8P Keirin NJS saddle. Non padded version, rare graphics(out of production!) (30mm rails) $SOLD

Bars/stems/grips - Sugino 75 cranks - Izumi V - MKS straps

A few more parts to add this morning, some used, some new and back in stock.

1.Sugino 75 NJS cranksets w/dustcaps/bolts new in box 165mm $SOLD
2.My last 4 bar/stem combos that I no longer use.
-100mm Nitto NJS ProAA stem, with Metallico pink straight bar with round ends/clear grips that expose the round ends...one off custom bar $SOLD
-100mm Nitto vintage NJS ProAA stem, w/Hiragana etchings, Nitto B201AA riser chopped
to 370mm with new clear Oury grips - light combination $SOLD
-105mm Nitto steel NJS stem (!) 105mm (steel has less aggressive angle than Alum version)
w/chopped reverse bull horn Nitto B123AA NJS bars, Soyo black NJS Keirin grips, Shimano
pro bar end caps. $SOLD
-my old 350mm (narrow!!) B123 Nitto NJS Keirin CroMo drop bars. $SOLD
3. MKS NJS Keirin double clip straps (black suede, very very strong and comfortable) with silver shiny branding/njs stamp. $SOLD
4. Used 121.5cm IZUMI Model V Super Toughness NJS Keirin chain. Gold. Was pulled off a
Reminton Keirin bike I bought recently. The most expensive NJS chain made. $SOLD

email me at hunknlance@gmail.com for purchasing