Bars/stems/grips - Sugino 75 cranks - Izumi V - MKS straps

A few more parts to add this morning, some used, some new and back in stock.

1.Sugino 75 NJS cranksets w/dustcaps/bolts new in box 165mm $SOLD
2.My last 4 bar/stem combos that I no longer use.
-100mm Nitto NJS ProAA stem, with Metallico pink straight bar with round ends/clear grips that expose the round off custom bar $SOLD
-100mm Nitto vintage NJS ProAA stem, w/Hiragana etchings, Nitto B201AA riser chopped
to 370mm with new clear Oury grips - light combination $SOLD
-105mm Nitto steel NJS stem (!) 105mm (steel has less aggressive angle than Alum version)
w/chopped reverse bull horn Nitto B123AA NJS bars, Soyo black NJS Keirin grips, Shimano
pro bar end caps. $SOLD
-my old 350mm (narrow!!) B123 Nitto NJS Keirin CroMo drop bars. $SOLD
3. MKS NJS Keirin double clip straps (black suede, very very strong and comfortable) with silver shiny branding/njs stamp. $SOLD
4. Used 121.5cm IZUMI Model V Super Toughness NJS Keirin chain. Gold. Was pulled off a
Reminton Keirin bike I bought recently. The most expensive NJS chain made. $SOLD

email me at for purchasing