Superbe Pro wheel, Nitto stem/bar/grip combo.

Suntour Superbe Pro/Araya GOLD/Hoshi/Soyo Gold Star All-NJS tubular track front wheel.
Nitto B123 CroMo drops NJS, Nitto steel NJ PRO stem NJS, Soyo Keirin long grips NJS.
email for ordering! Thanks.

More frames....Nakagawa, Ocean, Levant, Vivalo

575mm Purple VIVALO with gold chrome stickers, and rainbow flake. Pics do not show
how ridiculously loud this paint is! $1000 (just restored), with NJS bb and headset.
510mm Black LEVANT funny bike, 24'' front, 700C rear! Restored with OCEAN decal kit at
Kusaka Factory. Black w/rainbow flake, bright pink decals. $SOLD
560mm blue VIVALO/OCEAN, restored w/subaru blue pain, rainbow flake, hologram OCEAN
decal kit. Kalavinka lugs all round, including ends and shell, and Nagasawa Love Heart fork crown.
NJS BB and Headset. $SOLD
560 NAKAGAWA 24''/700c funny bike, pink / white paint, curved/bow chain/seat stays, heavily indented seat tube for super close rear tyre clearance, straight fork, offset top tube. Crazy. $SOLD
(sorry the photos I am taking in my new shop are not showing up the colors as vividly as they actually are....)
email for ordering! Kanpai...

Full OCEAN CUSTOM FRAME photo set !!

Ok sorry to everyone who has been hanging out for the detail shots....get at me quickly
if you want to place an order, to make sure you have a short waiting time. I have a lot of
customers waiting to see these shots before placing their orders, so I expect the waiting list
to grow a lot in the next 6 weeks.
email for ordering info...
Keirin Sentouki starts at $1040
Pacifix Exclusive starts at $1480

Metallico straight bar restock...

Finally got 8 more metallico bars, and Ken chan from Metallico has another 50 ready to ship, so
now is the time to order! (email me if you ordered one recently too!)
$85 plus $15 shipping worldwide, email for ordering.

Custom restored Naga/Reminton, Remi, 3Rensho frames....

These four frames will be freshly restored at the OCEAN factory soon....
I thought it would be nice if you could select the paint job, rather than if you
want to pay a deposit and have one of these frames customised, email me at
3Rensho 510/535mm, Tange njs headset, sugino 75 bb, around $1450 restored w/original sticker kit (you choose colour/metalflake colour)
3Rensho 515/530mm, hatta head, sugino 75 bb, around $SOLD restored w/original sticker kit(you choose colour/metalflake colour)
3Rensho 555/545mm around $1500 restored w/original sticker kit(you choose colour/metalflake colour) , tange njs headset, sugino 75 bb.
Reminton 565/550mm w/webbed shell around $SOLD w/perfect repop sticker kit(you choose colour/metalflake colour), unmarked headset, no bb. kanji engravings, and ornate lugwork.
Reminton/Nagasawa 550/555mm w/all Nagasawa early generation lugs/ends around $1350 w/perfect repop sticker kit(you choose colour/metalflake colour), hatta njs headset, cable guides under top tube, factory brake holes front and rear, bottle cage holes. Very unique Keirin training frame, perfect for street.
email for info/ordering.....

More Campa NJS hubs/wheelsets....

I have way too many of these things right now. Here is a
beautiful rear wheel, freshly built for the track (or the street!).
Campagnolo C-Record sheriff star 120 track rear hub w/matching njs stamped nuts.
new Araya GOLD NJS stamped 36 hole tubular 320 gram rim.
new Asahi Keirin stainless double butted spokes.
Campagnolo NJS 14T cog (rare), and Dura Ace NJS lockring.
$320 (market value is around $275 for hub, $100 for rim, $20 for spokes, $20 for build)
email for ordering!

Campagnolo C-Record sheriff star 120 wheelset !
Campagnolo C-Record NJS Keirin hub set, 120/10, 100/9, complete with stamped nuts.
Araya Pro Staff Hard Anodized tubulars, 36 hole
Asahi Keirin double butted stainless spokes
SOYO gold star and red II NJS stamped Keirin tubulars! $280 a pair new retail in Japan!
email for ordering.

Rare and vintage Japanese track hubs....

Here is a round-up of the used hubs I have at the moment. Although not pictured, all will come
with track nuts, and if they do not have a lockring, I can add an NJS ring for $5 extra.

Shimano early NJS front, 36 hole, $85
Shimano early NJS rear, 36 hole, $105
Shimano early non-NJS rear, 36 hole, 120mm $90
Suntour Superbe gen.1 NJS front, 36 hole 100mm $SOLD
new Shimano NJS front, 36 hole 100mm $85
Shimano 7600 rear w/16T NJS cog, and lockring 110mm/8mm $SOLD
Shimano 7600 rear (new but has a small gouge on side) 110mm/8mm spaced 32 hole,
Campagnolo NJS Record front and rear set, 36 hole 120mm $450 (very rare)
Shimano 7600 front w/notched axle, so you can use with early 8mm Keirin forks, new but has
a cracked plate on one side (cosmetic damage), 36 hole 100mm $65
Sunshine BIA stamped front/rear set, 36 hole, pre-NJS 110mm $SOLD
Campagnolo C-Record rear, 36 hole but not NJS stamped, no lockring 120mm $250
Campagnolo C-Record front, 36hole, NJS stamped, missing dustcaps, and one
washer, one cone, and one locknut. 100m $SOLD
Shimano 7600 rear w/16T NJS cog and lockring, 36 hole, plates removed 120mm $85
Sansin 120mm rear NJS w/stickers removed, all silver looks nice. 36 hole $90
Sansin 120mm rear NJS , 36 hole $90
Sansin 100mm front NJS, 36 hole $SOLD
Campagnolo C-Record NJS set, w/lockring, 36 hole $550 (quite rare)

Email for ordering, or to check what will fit your frame/rims....I will re-grease any hubs that need it
before shipping. Note that Sansin also manufactured Superbe Pro, Suzue and Sunshine hubs.
I also have new 120/100 Dura Ace sets for $195, or 110/100 spaced sets for $235. Kanpai!

Nitto PEARL NJS stem restock, 110, 100 and 90mm available. These are less aggressive track
stems perfect for street riding. Beautiful anodized finish, 25.4mm clamp size. $60 each.
Cinelli straps, with your choice of black or white end cap things....these are new old stock, and
very sweet. The strap is a natural colour, the buckle section is brown, and the gold part has a
cinelli 'c' embossed on it, and cinelli logo is also pressed over the entire straps. Very nice.
$65 (one set only) for ordering

Dura Ace 7600 120mm / Araya GOLD / Asahi Keirin spoke / Soyo NJS tyres
Nice complete setup for a 120/100 track bike.
Rims - Araya GOLD 16B world champion 36 hole, NJS stamped, tubular, 11.9mm low profile!
I will polish the rims a bit before shipping!
Hubs - Shimano Dura Ace HB 7600 High Flange NJS Keirin hubs w/nuts/tensioners.
Cog/Ring - 15T NJS cog and NJS lockring.
Spokes - Double butted ASAHI Japan Keirin spokes (note that keirin spokes never have njs stamps)
Tyres - SOYO Gold Star NJS on rear, SOYO Red-II NJS on front. Very expensive tyres. Around $280 a pair retail in Japan. They are NJS stamped, the front has 2 race approval stamps, and the rear has 4 stamps. I believe this shows how many race meets they have been used for.

$SOLD complete. email for ordering.

Araya Candy Rim restocks....

Just got another 3 sets of black w/rainbow metal flake, Araya clincher rims, 32hole, and 1 set of
white w/rainbow flake, and another odd white rim. The white pair have small VIVALO decals on
them but can be removed as they are applied above clearcoat.
$100 per rim. (only 1 white rim left now) for ordering.

GIRO 590mm Keirin NJS frame

Nice big GIRO Keirin race frame, built by Shojiro Iwai.
590mm seat tube (very rare large size).
560mm top tube.
120 rear end spacing.
Hatta NJS swan super deluxe head set.
Sugino 75 NJS bottom bracket set.
No dents. White paint with silver fade on the sides.
Kalavinka lugs all round, including bb shell, fork crown and ends.
Great condition apart from the letter g missing from one side of the seat tube,
and the letter O missing from the other side.
Be quick, 590mm frames sell fast. for ordering.
More pics/info can be found on the FRAMES page which is linked to at the top of this page.

New Restored VIVALO NJS Keirin race frame.
White paint with blue metal flake, blue decals. Looks fresh and clean!
545mm seat tube CTT
535mm top tube CTC
Suntour ends, Shimano fork ends, Nagasawa love heart fork crown. Tange tubing.
Hatta NJS swan super deluxe headset, Shimano 7400 NJS bottom bracket set.
email for ordering.