Rare and vintage Japanese track hubs....

Here is a round-up of the used hubs I have at the moment. Although not pictured, all will come
with track nuts, and if they do not have a lockring, I can add an NJS ring for $5 extra.

Shimano early NJS front, 36 hole, $85
Shimano early NJS rear, 36 hole, $105
Shimano early non-NJS rear, 36 hole, 120mm $90
Suntour Superbe gen.1 NJS front, 36 hole 100mm $SOLD
new Shimano NJS front, 36 hole 100mm $85
Shimano 7600 rear w/16T NJS cog, and lockring 110mm/8mm $SOLD
Shimano 7600 rear (new but has a small gouge on side) 110mm/8mm spaced 32 hole,
Campagnolo NJS Record front and rear set, 36 hole 120mm $450 (very rare)
Shimano 7600 front w/notched axle, so you can use with early 8mm Keirin forks, new but has
a cracked plate on one side (cosmetic damage), 36 hole 100mm $65
Sunshine BIA stamped front/rear set, 36 hole, pre-NJS 110mm $SOLD
Campagnolo C-Record rear, 36 hole but not NJS stamped, no lockring 120mm $250
Campagnolo C-Record front, 36hole, NJS stamped, missing dustcaps, and one
washer, one cone, and one locknut. 100m $SOLD
Shimano 7600 rear w/16T NJS cog and lockring, 36 hole, plates removed 120mm $85
Sansin 120mm rear NJS w/stickers removed, all silver looks nice. 36 hole $90
Sansin 120mm rear NJS , 36 hole $90
Sansin 100mm front NJS, 36 hole $SOLD
Campagnolo C-Record NJS set, w/lockring, 36 hole $550 (quite rare)

Email hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering, or to check what will fit your frame/rims....I will re-grease any hubs that need it
before shipping. Note that Sansin also manufactured Superbe Pro, Suzue and Sunshine hubs.
I also have new 120/100 Dura Ace sets for $195, or 110/100 spaced sets for $235. Kanpai!

Nitto PEARL NJS stem restock, 110, 100 and 90mm available. These are less aggressive track
stems perfect for street riding. Beautiful anodized finish, 25.4mm clamp size. $60 each.
Cinelli straps, with your choice of black or white end cap things....these are new old stock, and
very sweet. The strap is a natural colour, the buckle section is brown, and the gold part has a
cinelli 'c' embossed on it, and cinelli logo is also pressed over the entire straps. Very nice.
$65 (one set only)
hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering

Dura Ace 7600 120mm / Araya GOLD / Asahi Keirin spoke / Soyo NJS tyres
Nice complete setup for a 120/100 track bike.
Rims - Araya GOLD 16B world champion 36 hole, NJS stamped, tubular, 11.9mm low profile!
I will polish the rims a bit before shipping!
Hubs - Shimano Dura Ace HB 7600 High Flange NJS Keirin hubs w/nuts/tensioners.
Cog/Ring - 15T NJS cog and NJS lockring.
Spokes - Double butted ASAHI Japan Keirin spokes (note that keirin spokes never have njs stamps)
Tyres - SOYO Gold Star NJS on rear, SOYO Red-II NJS on front. Very expensive tyres. Around $280 a pair retail in Japan. They are NJS stamped, the front has 2 race approval stamps, and the rear has 4 stamps. I believe this shows how many race meets they have been used for.

$SOLD complete. email hunknlance@gmail.com for ordering.