Nitto B123AA 35cm BLACK gentei drop bars!

1. A limited edition collaboration between Nitto and Sanesu, these drops are a narrow 35cm width,
and have a beautiful black anodized finish. B123AA model, same as used by 80% of Keirin pro riders in Japan. $99- each.
2. Nitto RB021 bullhorns, in a perfect black anodized finish, and with a custom 25.4mm clamp size, so you can use them with the black technomic stems, which I also have in stock for $59.
email rene@njssupermarket to order

Makino X 3Rensho 525mm purple NJS Keirin frame.

This is a very interesting frame from Makino San, hand made in Japan. The lugs are all 3Rensho, the famous builder Makino used to build for.....The racers name is on the top tube and is interestingly the same as the 3Rensho owner, Yoshi Konno's! I wonder if they are related.... :)
Check the details on the FRAME STOCK page... (SOLD)
email to order. Thanks.

Rare OSCA NJS Keirin race frame (JAPAN) 570mm

Beautiful icy green OSCA frame from Ibaraki Ken, Japan. Hand made race frame...OSCA frames
may be the hardest to find Keirin frames in Japan. This one has a long 57cm seat tube. Check the
details on the FRAME STOCK page....! Thanks.

H PLUS Gold 700c Clincher wheelset w/twisted spokes!

H PLUS 42mm deep clincher track wheel set. Gold Gran Compe track hubs, Dura Ace NJS lock
T19/Carnival Tokyo twisted spokes w/gold Hoshi Nipples....Built by Kishiguchi San of Ocean Cycle Factory.
Probably the only set like it in the world. :)
email to order! Thanks.

VIVALO 56cm Brand New '08 Race Frame.

560mm VIVALO in silver/green. The paint is amazing, and this frame is a brand new 2008
build. Never built up. Hatta NJS Swan headset, Sugino 75 NJS bb set. Hologram stickers.
email to order! Thanks.

Sugino Super Mighty crankset !

This beautiful fluted crank set from Sugino is track-specific, 167.5mm long arms.
A new Sugino 5 pin chainring bolt set will be included. Condition is just amazing
for how old these cranks are. $259, or $299 w/44,45 or 47T Sugino Mighty Competition
email to order.

Custom restored SAMSON NJS FRAMES!

SAMSON NJS Track Frame 595mm, blue w/tons of metal flake sparkles in blue and purple. COLUMBUS tubes..... $SOLD
SAMSON NJS Track Frame 505mm, black/silver/white fade w/rainbow sparkles, COLUMBUS tubes.....$SOLD
email to order! Thanks (check out the FRAME STOCK page for
all pics/details)

3Rensho 56cm NJS Keirin frame. Perfect.

Dream 3Rensho frame, 56cm square.
Maha/Gold paint, w/green metal flake, $sold
Full details on the FRAME STOCK page...
email to order! Thanks.

3Rensho NJS Keirin frame, 520mm. $sold


Amazing VIVALO NJS Keirin frame, purple/white fade w/GOLD.

See all the details on the FRAME STOCK page....amazing 54cm track frame.
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Ocean Exclusive 53/53cm Bar spin 700c track frame!

The Ocean black demo frame is up for sale!

email to order! Thanks.

Street Track B263AA NITTO bullhorn bar!

I will only ever have 3 of these for sale in 300mm width. They are made for Japan domestic market
only, so I can not stock them. I do however, have 420mm always in stock. $45 each.
These are actually marketed by Nitto as 'street pisto' bars, interestingly. 25.4 clamp size.

email to order! Thanks.

Colorful Clamp On Front Brakes for Track Bikes...

Dia Compe track bike clamp-on brake sets, now available in red, blue, gold.
Aero, Round and Oval fork tube types available. These allow you to fit a brake to the
front fork of your track bike, even if your fork has no brake hole drilled. $79.
Black and silver also available for $75.

email to order! Thanks.

White Randonneur edition.

Nice thick heavy 28 size 700c tyres clinchers for skids. $23.90 each.
Best shipped with other items to save on shipping cost.
email rene@njssupermarket to order!

New custom Kashimax Aero padded saddles

Custom made for NJS Supermarket, classic Kashimax AERO saddle, similar in shape to
the Concor. Padded! Only 15 in stock.

1. White sofrina, padded, 44mm rails. sold out
2. Black ostrich cover, padded, 44mm rails. sold out
3. Blue felt/fake suede cover, padded, 4mm rails.

$119 each.
email to order.