NITTO T19 Skate Crew B259AA anodized riser bar, used but in great condition.
The etching says ''T19 SKATES - Ride with Pride / Nitto Racing Craft''
These are super rare especially outside Japan, $SOLD
email for ordering.

NATIONAL NJS Frame, 550mm .... this is what Panasonic frames used to be called.
It is even stamped on the BB Shell next to the NJS stamp. Very cool old frame, restored
with new paint, and sparkles! Chrome under paint, $790 email HUNKNLANCE@GMAIL.COM

3RENSHO frames for sale.

These 3Rensho are the last ones I have left for now, all just restored at VIVALO/OCEAN factory in Kobe Japan. The stickers used were original deadstock 3Rensho kits....
555mm Gooey pink w/rainbow flake $SOLD thanks!
525mm Panky Blue (yes that is the name of this color)rainbow flake $SOLD thanks!
510mm Emerald Green w/rainbow flake $sold
515mm Gunmetal w/OMORI rainbow flake SOLD to Lucas (thanks)

email for ordering - CLICK ON PICS TO ENLARGE

....and more!

ARAYA Super Aero, very rare murasaki edition! 26'' clincher, HOSHI wide blade spokes, 
and custom white Sunshine BIA star hub, 28 hole. SOLD
DURA ACE/ARAYA set. 120/10 spacing.
Clincher front and rear, HOSHI 14 Spokes, Dura Ace NJS hubs, all new.
Custom white painted rims. $440, built to a very high standard, by Kishiguchi Yo
rear is lower profile, front is aero slightly higher profile. 

More goodness, served raw....ready to ship!

Emerald Green 3RENSHO NJS Keirin race frame, restored with original decals,
510mm, green with rainbow metal flake sparkles. $1250
email for ordering!

TOSHI double straps in red/blue/white/black for $80 a pair.
TOSHI single straps in white/blue for $47 a pair.
TOSHI super rare riding gloves, suede with cotton mesh back side, M size, $90 (1 only!) on the front, party at the back!
email for ordering
KASHIMAX FG 8P NJS Suede black version, with padding! Very rare $SOLD (unpadded version available for $99 in white/black/brown)
MIKASHIMA Royal Nuevo NJS Pedals $95
SHIMANO Dura Ace Hub 110/8 100/8 spacing conversion kits! $55 w/o nuts, or $65 w/nuts.
(this kit is for those of you who have track frames with 110/8 spacing)
email for ordering
Click to Enlarge Pic
HATTA Swan replacement bearings for head sets $7.50
KASHIMAX top tube protector, the NJS approved peko doume! $29
ASAHI NJS Keirin racing spokes, 305mm round or aero $43.50 for 72 w/nipples
(HOSHI brand also available, same price, same specs)
SHIMANO Dura Ace black (!) Track chainring, Deadstock 48T (1 only, 49 also available) $95
HKK Vertex Blue NJS chain $37
IZUMI esh gold NJS chain $45
DAIDO Racing Pro stainless NJS chain $45
email for ordering
Click to Enlarge Pic
Shimano Dura Ace NJS high flange track hub set (36 hole 'njs', 32 hole)
120mm set front and rear $195....110mm set front and rear $235
ARAYA gold 16B NJS tubular 36 hole high polish rim, $95 each
UKAI NJS tubular 36 hole polished, very very rare, no longer made, deadstock NOS $105 each.
HOSHI NJS Keirin spokes, 305mm double butted stainless, $42, aero version $42. (72 pack) for ordering!
Click to Enlarge Pic...

New Parts, New Prices !!

Reduced prices on popular track bike parts this month! Cheapest worldwide.

Shimano Dura Ace NJS square taper cranks sets $189 (165mm or 167.5mm)
Shimano Dura Ace NJS high flange hub set - 120mm $195 110mm $235
Sugino 75 square taper NJS crank set $159 (165mm or 167.5mm)
Sugino 75 NJS chainring, 44 and 46T (others available) $69
Hatta R9400 NJS bottom bracket set (mirror polished!) $85
Nitto SP72 Jaguar NJS seat pillar $99
Kashimax Five Gold 4P NJS saddle white or black $75

email for ordering! Thanks...

FujiTOSHI suede double straps back in stock! woo! $80

Nitto Crystal Fellow 120mm stem (becoming very hard to get in Japan, deadstock only) $65

Sugino 75 44T NJS chainring $SOLD

Campagnolo 47T chainring, custom high polished, 144 bolt pattern $SOLD

Sugino Keirin chainring/cog/tool bag, very rare, long out of production, 1 left $50 each.

Nitto aluminum NJS bar and NJS stem combo, custom painted in black w/rainbow flake
and clear coat. Super bad. (made to custom order) $195 set.

Nitto RB-021 Pursuit bars, nicest bull horns Nitto offers, $49

Sugino 75 NJS crank (165mm)/Dura Ace 7400 Onigiri pedal/matching clips (L size) and
Cinelli Binda strap combo, $290. (cranks almost new, pedals/clips/straps nice and rare!)

email for ordering. Thanks!

LEVANT Funny bike 24'' w/OCEAN reform

Here is a very rare 24 '' track bike by NJS builder LEVANT, w/a custom reform by OCEAN
in glossy black, rainbow metalflake w/clear coat. OCEAN bright pink stickers. This bike looks
pretty amazing. There is something very 'glam rock' about it! $SOLD, check the pics on the FRAME STOCK page, click on the link at the top of this page. for ordering.

Raspberry 3RENSHO / Blue 3RENSHO

555mm CTT seat tube
$SOLD- email for ordering
525mm CTT seat tube
$SOLD- email for ordering. Thanks!
CLICK ON THE FRAMES PAGE LINK (top of this page) for more pics and details!

Current Frame Stock. june/08

575mm restored purple VIVALO w/Gold chrome stickers/rainbow flake $950
570mm new subaru blue OCEAN w/rainbow metal flake $980
570mm restored white 3RENSHO road frame w/metal flake $1100
550mm 3-color fade BRIDGESTONE $850
590mm new (w/a few chips in the paint -my fault sorry!) PANASONIC sky blue 590mm $850
575mm restored purple VIVALO w/Gold chrome stickers/rainbow flake $950
545mm Restored white VIVALO w/blue metal flake $SOLD
575mm restored purple VIVALO w/Gold chrome stickers/rainbow flake $SOLD
555mm restored gold VIVALO w/silver decals $SOLD
510mm black LEVANT funny bike, track w/OCEAN decal restoration. $SOLD

email for details/ordering.

550 Bridgestone with 3 color fade paint.

BRIDGESTONE Keirin frame.
550mm seat tube, CTT.
545mm top tube, CTC.
Tange headset, sugino 75 bottom bracket.
110 spacing, no dents.
3 color paint job, emerald green, silver and metallic royal blue.
(email for ordering! Thanks)

Suntour Superbe Pro NJS hubset or wheelset (up to you!)
I was going to break this set down, but if you want the complete wheelset let
me know.
Suntour Superbe Pro gen.2 NJS 36 hole hubs, spinning very well. Very clean overall.
$320 or for complete wheelset with Mavic tubulars, good Vittoria tyres, and HOSHI racing spokes. $355 (postage will be a lot more expensive).
(email for ordering! Thanks)
Suntour Superbe Pro 165mm NJS Racing Cranks. (out of production, quite rare).
(plus new set of chrome bolts! no pictured)
$220 (email for ordering! Thanks)
38cm NITTO B123AA aluminium NJS bars, Nitto NJ PRO AA stem, black CRTM Soyo Keirin
grips (grips are a bit dry, but are still fine to use) $120
36cm new NITTO B123 cromo NJS bars, Nitto NJ PRO A CroMo stem, newwhite Soyo Keirin long
grips $125
NITTO B201AA riser bars, aluminium ,with NJS PEARL 67 degree Keirin stem, new(ish) white Soyo Keirin long grips $105
NITTO B123AA aluminium NJS Keirin bars w/custom white paint $59 (used)
NITTO NJ PRO AA aluminium NJS Keirin stem w/custom white paint $59 (used)
NITTO B201 AA aluminium riser bar with custom black paint w/rainbow flake $65
email for ordering! Thanks!

OCEAN white pearl frame, with silver flake and hologram decals! Beautiful Kaisei 019
frame built by Kusaka San in Akashi, Japan with all Kalavinka lugs/shell/fork crown and ends. 560mm CTC/560mm CTT, 120 ends, 27.2 post. classic fork and stays. $950
Hatta NJS headset, Dura Ace sealed bottom bracket set.
OCEAN subaru blue frame, with rainbow flake and hologram decals! Beautiful Kaisei 019
frame built by Kusaka San in Akashi, Japan with all Kalavinka lugs/shell/fork crown and ends. 570mm CTC/570mm CTT, 120 ends, 27.2 post. classic fork and aero stays. $980
Hatta NJS headset, Dura Ace sealed bottom bracket set.
email for ordering! Thanks.