More goodness, served raw....ready to ship!

Emerald Green 3RENSHO NJS Keirin race frame, restored with original decals,
510mm, green with rainbow metal flake sparkles. $1250
email for ordering!

TOSHI double straps in red/blue/white/black for $80 a pair.
TOSHI single straps in white/blue for $47 a pair.
TOSHI super rare riding gloves, suede with cotton mesh back side, M size, $90 (1 only!) on the front, party at the back!
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KASHIMAX FG 8P NJS Suede black version, with padding! Very rare $SOLD (unpadded version available for $99 in white/black/brown)
MIKASHIMA Royal Nuevo NJS Pedals $95
SHIMANO Dura Ace Hub 110/8 100/8 spacing conversion kits! $55 w/o nuts, or $65 w/nuts.
(this kit is for those of you who have track frames with 110/8 spacing)
email for ordering
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HATTA Swan replacement bearings for head sets $7.50
KASHIMAX top tube protector, the NJS approved peko doume! $29
ASAHI NJS Keirin racing spokes, 305mm round or aero $43.50 for 72 w/nipples
(HOSHI brand also available, same price, same specs)
SHIMANO Dura Ace black (!) Track chainring, Deadstock 48T (1 only, 49 also available) $95
HKK Vertex Blue NJS chain $37
IZUMI esh gold NJS chain $45
DAIDO Racing Pro stainless NJS chain $45
email for ordering
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Shimano Dura Ace NJS high flange track hub set (36 hole 'njs', 32 hole)
120mm set front and rear $195....110mm set front and rear $235
ARAYA gold 16B NJS tubular 36 hole high polish rim, $95 each
UKAI NJS tubular 36 hole polished, very very rare, no longer made, deadstock NOS $105 each.
HOSHI NJS Keirin spokes, 305mm double butted stainless, $42, aero version $42. (72 pack) for ordering!
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