New Track items, in stock.

SUGINO 75 Grand Mighty track crank set, NJS KEIRIN approved.
Champagne finish, frosted w/polished arm. Much stiffer version
of the Sugino 75 cranks, 167.5mm $229
SHIMANO Dura Ace Octalinks
track cranks set, NJS KEIRIN approved.
Silver anodized, hollow arms, super light! 165mm w/caps/bolts.
Matching 7710 BB set $65
Gran Compe track high flange hubs, black or silver, 32 and 36 hole usually
in stock. Sealed bearing. $139 PAIR

email for ordering! Thanks.

Anchor/Bridgestone PHM9 Carbon Track Frame

Anchor/Bridgestone PHM9 Carbon Monster for sale.
560mm red/white.
120mm ends......see the FRAME STOCK page or
check this out for details...
Frame/fork ...$SOLD


Peloton NJS Keirin frame from south of Osaka Japan.
540mm seat tube ctt, 545mm top tube ctc.
email for ordering

Ganwell Pro Carbon Track frames (kyoto, japan)

GANWELL PRO carbon/alumi track race frame from (ganwell is an njs keirin frame builder
from Kyoto, Japan).
Raw carbon, w/option for no stickers. Also available in white.
51/53/55cm sizes available. Headset included, not drilled for brakes.
$1450 -
email for ordering

Dura Ace NJS Easton NOS seat pillar

Very rare new in the box.
This is the Easton/Shimano Dura Ace NJS seat pillar,
which was made before the NJS rules included the need
for pillars to have 2 screws, rather than just 1. 26.8/44mm so
will suit Panasonic NJS frames, and a few others. $sold
email for ordering!

Izumi V, Kashimax FG-8P padded, Suntour NJS post

Padded (!) Five Gold 8P NJS Keirin saddles,
in 30mm rail width, white. This is the top model used in Keirin, and is hard to
find with cushioning. $99.oo

Suntour Superbe Pro NJS seat pillar, 27.2/44mm model, in good condition. $sold
This is a very rare post, which has been out of production for 10 years.

Dia Compe forged alumi gold and black, track bike levers, perfect for risers, or the tops
of bullhorns or drops. $9.50 each, or $18 for the pair.

Izumi V Super TUFFness NJS Keirin gold chain. $45 each.

Email for ordering! Thanks.

Gran Compe Shot Lever / Gran Compe Orange SS

Some nice new stuff from Gran Compe, and Kashimax.

Kashimax Five Gold 4P shiny silver saddle! Great for anyone trying to put
together a nice clean build. Also, it is PADDED! Woo! This is a custom order from Kashimax -
5 only! $ALL SOLD!

Kashimax Five Gold 8P black suede w/embroidery NJS saddle - $99 for ordering!

Gran Compe
Shot Lever - This is an odd, and very cool new part from Gran Compe in
Japan. It is a BMX style short brake lever, and sits just next to the stem. It can be operated
with either left or right hand. These were just released in Japan last week. $48. Black Only remaining...1 left! for ordering

Gran Compe SS
- Orange clinchers, only 12 left $84 pair, plus $24 shipping to USA/Canada/Australia/NZ. for ordering!

ALSO! Kashimax FG8P white saddle, 30mm rails, new but was dropped and got a scuff....
MKS Royal Nuevo, new cages for NJS pedals. These fit Royal, Custom, and Custom Nuevo wide
models. Nice item to restore your old NJS pedals. $25. for ordering!

New track parts in stock Monday!

SOYO green tubulars! These crazy tubular tyres come from the Keirin NJS tyre maker, Soyo Daiwabo, and have a nice 21mm low profile. They are made as street training tyres for pro riders, and are a good tubie for skidding/street riding, since they wear very well. $25 each/$50 pair. (In stock!)

CAMPAGNOLO Strada 170mm road cranks. 144bcd. Grind off the rear tabs and get a nice cheap set of fluted Campa cranks. 2 sets here, one is polished $199, other is not $170. (both still available)

SOYO SV Keirin long grips - the ones on the right! They are a new model from Keirin supplier, Soyo, and are a lot thicker, and have more pronounced tread. Great for risers, drops, bullhorns! $15 (plenty in stock)

SUGINO 75 BLACK track crank sets. These are identical to the silver, apart from the following changes....anodized black, different logo, no NJS mark. (black parts are not allowed in keirin)
$179 (3 sets left)

NITTO PEARL 90mm white custom painted, with rainbow metal flake sparkle. Insertion part left unpainted for easy installation. Brand new w/box - $SOLD

NITTO B201AA alumi risers, custom painted black w/rainbow sparkles! $69 (1 left!!)

Email for ordering

Back in Osaka!

Thanks for being patient everyone. I am shipping orders again, and have a ton of stuff in stock now, including ALL keirin njs parts, as well as built wheels, custom painted risers in black w/metal flake, new green SOYO tubular tyres, new white SOYO SV long grips, black Sugino 75 165 cranks!

ARAYA rare wheel builds....

ARAYA AERO 4 NOS Purple 650C tubular front wheel.
Dura Ace 7600 new 28 hole high flange track hub, 100mm.
Hoshi stainless spokes, 3 cross pattern. $245. (all parts new!) for ordering.

Also not pictured....
Superbe Pro low flange track hub, Asahi aero spokes, soldered,
3 cross, to Araya polished Aero 1 tubular 700C, REAR $225.

NAGASAWA 525/540 NJS Keirin Frame

Beautiful Nagasawa NJS track frame, 525mm seat tube CTT.
Top tube is 540mm CTC.
Ends are 120mm.
Seat tube is 27.2mm.
Color is dark blue with rainbow sparkles.
Plenty of chips and scratches, but no dents, and overall it looks great.
Hatta NJS Swan headset.
Sugino sealed new BB set.
This frame has the seat tube Nagasawa decals too! One of my favorite features.
November 1995 build.
email to order! Thanks.