Gran Compe Shot Lever / Gran Compe Orange SS

Some nice new stuff from Gran Compe, and Kashimax.

Kashimax Five Gold 4P shiny silver saddle! Great for anyone trying to put
together a nice clean build. Also, it is PADDED! Woo! This is a custom order from Kashimax -
5 only! $ALL SOLD!

Kashimax Five Gold 8P black suede w/embroidery NJS saddle - $99 for ordering!

Gran Compe
Shot Lever - This is an odd, and very cool new part from Gran Compe in
Japan. It is a BMX style short brake lever, and sits just next to the stem. It can be operated
with either left or right hand. These were just released in Japan last week. $48. Black Only remaining...1 left! for ordering

Gran Compe SS
- Orange clinchers, only 12 left $84 pair, plus $24 shipping to USA/Canada/Australia/NZ. for ordering!

ALSO! Kashimax FG8P white saddle, 30mm rails, new but was dropped and got a scuff....
MKS Royal Nuevo, new cages for NJS pedals. These fit Royal, Custom, and Custom Nuevo wide
models. Nice item to restore your old NJS pedals. $25. for ordering!