New track parts in stock Monday!

SOYO green tubulars! These crazy tubular tyres come from the Keirin NJS tyre maker, Soyo Daiwabo, and have a nice 21mm low profile. They are made as street training tyres for pro riders, and are a good tubie for skidding/street riding, since they wear very well. $25 each/$50 pair. (In stock!)

CAMPAGNOLO Strada 170mm road cranks. 144bcd. Grind off the rear tabs and get a nice cheap set of fluted Campa cranks. 2 sets here, one is polished $199, other is not $170. (both still available)

SOYO SV Keirin long grips - the ones on the right! They are a new model from Keirin supplier, Soyo, and are a lot thicker, and have more pronounced tread. Great for risers, drops, bullhorns! $15 (plenty in stock)

SUGINO 75 BLACK track crank sets. These are identical to the silver, apart from the following changes....anodized black, different logo, no NJS mark. (black parts are not allowed in keirin)
$179 (3 sets left)

NITTO PEARL 90mm white custom painted, with rainbow metal flake sparkle. Insertion part left unpainted for easy installation. Brand new w/box - $SOLD

NITTO B201AA alumi risers, custom painted black w/rainbow sparkles! $69 (1 left!!)

Email for ordering