Samson NJS Keirin track frame.

Near new condition, used very briefly on track only.

585mm seat tube CTT
565 top tube CTC
115 rear end spacing

Rare large size frame for Gaijin riders!

Like new Dura Ace Shimano NJS headset.
Like new Hatta NJS bottom bracket.

Immaculate deep red paint with gold metalflake. Looks amazing in person.
Beautiful lug work, and chrome details.
NJS stamped CroMo fully lugged ex-Keirin track frame.


This is the nicest thing I have ever seen!
Pearl white, nearly brand new.
Hatta NJS BB
Hatta NJS Headset

top tube 535mm CTC
seat tube 530mm CTT
rear end spacing 120mm

CroMo NJS stamped fully lugged Keirin racers frame, barely used. Love heart forks!


Very sought after 3Rensho. Pronounced San-Ren-Show, it means 3 successive wins in Japanese. 3Rensho is probably the most infamous Keirin frame in the west.
As always, fully lugged CroMo NJS stamped frame.
This frame is bright yellow with a subtle silver metallic glitter.
Hatta NJS bottom bracket.
Hatta NJS Headset.

510mm seat tube CTT
525mm top tube CTC
114mm rear end spacing

Frame could do with a clean, and head/bb could do with a re-greasing as always with used frames like this.

There are 2 dings worth mentioning on this frame, and I have included photos below. One is on the '3' in 3rensho on one side, and the other is on the rear tube, also pictured. I have not had a professional look at the dings. This would make a very sweet and rare street fixed bike!

Sugino Mighty Competition 50T chainring (njs)

Used but perfectly good Sugino Mighty Competition 50 tooth chainring.
For standard NJS track size cranks(144)
NJS stamped.

Sugino 75 50T NJS Chainring

50 tooth chainring for standard NJS track size cranks (144).
Stamped with NJS logo.
Used but perfectly good for use.
$30 (still available and ready for immediate shipping)

OCEAN hand made frames from Osaka, Japan.

Ok recently the wait list for Ocean Cycle Factory, original frames, has been around 10 weeks.

The frames are not built by Kusaka/Vivalo anymore, but at Hashiguchi Sans factory in South
Osaka, where he also builds Ganwell Pro frames.
The paint is done by Uemura Tosou in Osaka, paint shop to Nagasawa, Kalavinka, Samson, Makino, Presto and more...

Masked lugs $90 up,
chrome under paint $220 up,
2 tone paint (masked or faded) $80 up,
3 tone paint jobs $120 up.....options are all available!
If you want a double or even 5 times serving of metal flake sparkles, that can also be arranged, for $30 up charge.

email for ordering info...
Keirin Sentouki starts at $1390 (track geometry)
Pacifix Exclusive starts at $1490 (trick/street geometry, barspin fork)

The OCEAN frames are available in 2 models, and with custom options you can change
them quite a bit.
The Keirin Sentouki model is a Keirin geometry frame using classic proportions and
tight clearances.
Most Keirin Sentouki frames will leave the factory with Kaisei 019 tubing, and all Kalavinka
lugs, including fork crowns, bb shells, and ends. Nagasawa fork crowns are available on request for no extra cost.
The price is $1390 plus $100 shipping to OZ, USA, CANADA, $110 to Europe/UK, and $75
to Asian countries outside of Japan.
We can paint in any colour you would like.
Choose from an aero fork with sloping crown, or a classic round tube fork with a flat top
crown. Choose to have the fork drilled for a brake, or left undrilled.
If you want a 650c fork, rather than standard 700c size, that is a free option, and the geometry
can be adjusted to suit. Down-sloping pursuit style top tube is a free option.
You can also choose to have aero seat stays, or classic seat stays. Have the rear bridge
drilled for brakes, or left undrilled.
You can also select from 2 bottom bracket shell height options. Either keep the bb at the classic position,
or have it raised by 8mm.
You can specify your ideal seat tube and top tube lengths.
The standard spacing is 120mm, and the frames will accept 27.2mm seat posts.
If you want sparkly metal flake added, it is a free option, and many colors are available
including rainbow.
Decals are all hologram style right now, but the next batch will be chrome,mirror finish.
As standard, 2 decals are applied to the fork tubes, but if you want a simpler look, these
can be left out.
Standard sticker kit includes 1 large down tube logo, 2 smaller logos on the forks, a head tube
sticker, seat tube sticker (paint factory), and a 'keirinsentouki'
kanji sticker on each side of the top tube.

Standard headset included is the Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS model. This is included
in the $1390 price. This can be changed out for a Shimano Dura Ace NJS sealed headset for
no extra charge.
Bottom bracket set is not included.
Options are .... cheap sealed sugino $30, Hatta R9400 njs $75, Dura Ace octalink njs $69.
You can choose to have no bb included.

The 2nd model is the street custom Pacifix Exclusive model.
This frame has a straight fork, and modified head tube angle, that allows barspin tricks using
a 700c wheel. This does effect the steering feel too.
The rear lower part of the seat tube is indented to allow a very tight clearance from the seat tube
surface to the rear tyre surface.
The seat stays are off set from the top of the seat tube. The rear bridge and fork crown both allow
more clearance for high profile street clincher tyres.
Metal flake is standard, and so is a Shimano Dura Ace NJS, or Hatta Swan NJS headset.
Price is $1490 plus $100 shipping to OZ, USA, CANADA, $110 to Europe/UK, and $75
to Asian countries outside of Japan.

**Only $750 is required as down payment to have a frame built!

Waiting time is currently 7 weeks for building, 3 weeks for paint and 4-5 days shipping.
email for ordering help.


NJS chains are always in stock! Every chain currently produced for Keirin racing, is sold here new. They look like blocks of chocolate, and taste slightly better.

HKK VERTEX Track Racer Chain - BLUE - NJS $35
HKK VERTEX Track Racer Chain - GOLD - NJS $45
HKK VERTEX Track Racer Chain - SILVER NJS $45
*Note! The only difference is the colour, the HKK chains are all the same design.
IZUMI Model V Super Toughness - GOLD - NJS $49

DID Racing Pro Stainless Chain - SILVER - NJS $35

Please email to order!


New Dura Ace NJS and Sugino 75 NJS cranks are always in stock.
Used cranksets will come with chainring bolts unless stated.
From time to time you will see custom high polish cranksets and chainrings too!

Shimano Dura Ace Square Taper NJS Keirin track crank set - 165mm - $199
*w/chainring bolts. 144bcd.
*167.5mm, 170mm and 172.5mm also available.

Shimano Dura Ace Octalink 7710 NJS available also.... $239
Shimano Dura Ace Octalink Bottom Bracket set.....$69

Sugino 75 Square Taper NJS Keirin track crank set - 165mm, 167.5mm - $175
Sugino 75 Square Taper BLACK Keirin track crank set - 165mm only - $185
*w/chainring bolts. 144bcd.
Sugino 75 GRAND MIGHTY, Keirin NJS track cranks set - 165mm, 167.5mm - $229

Sugino 75 NJS track chainring 1/8''. 144pcd....44,45,46,47,48,49,50T all available $75
Sugino Zen NJS track chainring 1/8''. 144pcd...44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51T all available $95
Shimano Dura Ace NJS track chainring 1/8''. 144pcd....44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51T available $105

email for ordering.

SKID PATCH and GEARING CALCULATION GRAPH courtesy Denny Trimble ....