Shipping is handled daily, from Monday to Friday.

EMS Courier is used for all shipments, trackable online at....
(1.change the language to english, click on EMS, and finally enter your tracking
If you did not receive a tracking number, email and I will forward it
to you within 24 hours.

Payment is processed with PAYPAL, since it is safe for both buyer and seller, and most online
shoppers seem to have an account already. You can also use your credit card or bank account
linked to PAYPAL to pay for items, although with bank account 'echecks' there may be a clearing time of up to 4-5 days.

The PAYPAL account you need to use is

Shipping for a frame set to USA/CANADA/AUS/NZ is $100, and UK/EUROPE is $110, ASIAN countries costs $75.00
(It makes good sense to have a few parts shipped with your frame, to save on shipping, since it
will usually only add about $15-20 in shipping cost)

Parts shipping cost ranges from $16 to $48 for a few parts shipped together.
Really big lots of parts can cost up to $65 to ship.
Wheelsets are $85 to USA/$90 to Europe.

Email for any quotes on shipping!