Nitto stems and handlebars are usually in stock.
These include the B123 chrome steel and B123AA Alumi drops, and Nitto B201AA risers.
Nitto stems are always in stock too, including the polished steel NJ PRO Jaguar, alumi NJS PROAA Jaguar, and more street-friendly PEARL models, as well as some older models like the crystal, and high crown.

This is the only place to get Metallico straight bars, 25.4'' all the way across, sexy rounded ends, stainless ARAYA Japan steel, with a high polish. These bars have earned the nickname 'dildo bars' from around the Japan they are called Tsuchinoko. They are hand made, on custom order in Osaka, Japan.
High polish stainless $85 (320,350, 380 and 440mm width)

*turnaround time is about 5 days for ordering the bar, and then another 5 days shipping.

Nitto B201AA riser bars, 25.4'' clamp diameter to match most Nitto stems. Anodized silver finish.
Aluminum. $35

Nitto B123 steel Keirin drops, NJS stamped, deep drop and timeless beautiful shape. - $49
Nitto B123AA aluminum Keirin drops, NJS stamped, anodized finish. - $75
Nitto Pearl NJS track stem, 25.4'', less aggressive angle, great for the street - $65
Nitto NJPROAA alumi track stem, 25.4'', very aggressive 58 degree angle - $70

email for ordering.