Keirin pedals from MKS (mikashima) are usually in stock, including the Royal Nuevo and RX-1
Toshi NJS single straps, Kashimax single and double NJS straps, and MKS single and double NJS straps are usually in stock too. MKS steel chrome clips are always in stock and fit all NJS pedals.

TOSHI NJS single straps in white/black/red or blue, $49 pair.
TOSHI double straps in white/black/red or blue $79 pair.

Kashimax NJS single straps in ivory $79 pair.
Kashimax NJS double straps in ivory $115 pair.

MKS single black NJS straps $65
MKS double black NJS straps $89

MKS toe clips in steel NJS $16....S, M and L sizes
MKS toe clips in alumi NJS $18.....S, M and L sizes

MKS Royal Nuevo NJS pedals, silver w/high polish bodies, open bearings $99
MKS RX-1 NJS pedals, black cages, polished bodies, aero, light and sealed $99
MKS Custom Nuevo NJS pedals, same as Royal Nuevo but black cages and sealed $125

EMAIL to order....