Currently there is only one possible combination of NJS Keirin rim and hub available new in Japan. That being....
Shimano Dura Ace hubs, Hoshi spokes, Araya 16B rims.
Shimano Dura Ace 7600 NJS high flange track hub set - 100/9mm front and 120/10mm rear-$199
- 100/8mm front and 110/8mm rear -$219
*hubsets are double side threaded, to accommodate 2 cogs, and include a Dura Ace NJS lockring.
**36 hole, 32 hole, and 28 hole versions always in stock. Only 36 hole model has NJS stamp, due
to Keirin rules in Japan. They are all the same hubs, though.
***Only 36 hole version comes in a 110/8mm, 100/8 combination. If you want to use 28 hole
or 32 hole hubs with 110/8 type spacing, you need the Dura Ace axle conversion kit which is
$65 complete, including everything you need to convert your 120/10 set. (front and rear shafts included)
Araya GOLD 16B world champion 36 hole tubular rims. 11.9mm super low profile. $165 set of 2.
High polished finish, NJS stamped.

Hoshi Keirin approved NJS spokes, 306mm, pack of 72 plus nipples. Double butted stainless steel.
Hoshi Keirin approved racing spokes, 306mm aero version, pack of 72 plus nipples. Stainless steel butted. -$45
Asahi Keirin approved NJS Spokes $45

email for ordering.