Very sought after 3Rensho. Pronounced San-Ren-Show, it means 3 successive wins in Japanese. 3Rensho is probably the most infamous Keirin frame in the west.
As always, fully lugged CroMo NJS stamped frame.
This frame is bright yellow with a subtle silver metallic glitter.
Hatta NJS bottom bracket.
Hatta NJS Headset.

510mm seat tube CTT
525mm top tube CTC
114mm rear end spacing

Frame could do with a clean, and head/bb could do with a re-greasing as always with used frames like this.

There are 2 dings worth mentioning on this frame, and I have included photos below. One is on the '3' in 3rensho on one side, and the other is on the rear tube, also pictured. I have not had a professional look at the dings. This would make a very sweet and rare street fixed bike!