Araya blue limited edition wheel set! Super Aero/Aero 1, Dura Ace, Hoshi.

Absolutely beautiful wheelset, built this week by Kishiguchi San of Ocean Cycle Factory in Osaka
Front - Araya Super Aero (deadstock) 650c tubular, blue, 28 hole. Dura Ace track hub, Hoshi stainless spokes.
Rear - Araya Aero 1 (deadstock) 700c tubular, blue, 28 hole, Dura Ace track hub, Hoshi stainless
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Bridgestone / Anchor 585mm NJS Keirin track frame, Columbus.

Another amazing frame in stock today!

Anchor/Bridgestone NJS Keirin frame 2003.
585mm seat tube, no dents, very clean condition. $990
See the FRAME STOCK page for all the details and photos.

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Nitto custom painted Track stems and Track drops/riser bars...

The next batch of custom painted parts has arrived. The quality is top notch. Actually,
the paint shop that did these parts are also the OEM paint shop for Nagasawa, Makino,
Samson and Kalavinka!
The white parts also have rainbow sparkles, but it did not pick up well in the photos.

Nitto B201AA Risers $79 -
Nitto B123AA njs drop bars $109 -
Nitto NJ PRO AA njs stem $105 -
Nitto Pearl njs stem $99 -
Nitto Technomic stem $79 -

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New DIA COMPE AERO FORK, clamp-on track bike brake set!

This is the new aero version, for bladed aero forks.
The kit allows you to fit a brake to the front of your track bike, without
needing to drill a hole. I have black and silver versions.

$75, w/brake, bracket, cable, drop handle lever.
$79 w/brake, bracket, cable, riser/bullhorn/flat bar lever.

#I also have the normal round fork, or oval fork versions too! Always in stock.

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Suzue Pro Max NJS hub set 36h, 110 spaced rear.

Long out of production, there are still many pro riders in Japan using
the Pro Max by Suzue.
36 hole, high flange, open bearing hubs.
The rear has a cog attached, but you can built it up without removing the cog first.
The front is brand new, never used, never laced.
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Panasonic NJS Keirin Frame, 535mm Reynolds 753

Panasonic Team racing colors! Reynolds 753 tubing, in great condition.
Check it out on the FRAME STOCK page....
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Dura Ace ZEN chainrings!! Track 3mm thick, 144 pcd.

Here are some crazy Dura Ace chainrings I came across recently. They are much different
in design to the 7600/7700 series rings. Very wide and stiff, like the Sugino Zen model.
They are not NJS stamped, so I wonder if they were prototypes for NJS approval, or only
for use in Olympic, World Championship events.....I have seen a photos of Theo Bos using them
in the past. They all came to me in sealed bubble wrap packets. Usually Shimano rings come in
cardboard retail packaging. Strange. Anyway, they are the best chainrings I have ever seen! So
hurry up and reserve yours! 3mm thick, 144pcd, to be used with 1/8'' track/bmx chains, and fitted to NJS cranksets, like shimano, suntour, sugino, or 144pcd campa/miche brand cranks.
46T x 3
47T x 2
49T x 2
50T x 2

$119 plus $17 shipping worldwide..
All in stock as of Tuesday the 20th Jan.

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MAKINO 585mm Monster! NJS Keirin frame.

I am in love with this frame....lucky I am too short, or this frame would not be for sale! ;)
Raw chrome w/clear wine red paint faded on each side, rainbow metal flake, and clear coat.
Hologram stickers, Columbus tubes, very light! The seat stays, I have never seen before. Triangle
shape flat aero tubes. This frame is amazing. Comes with Hatta NJS headset. See all the photos on the FRAME STOCK page now..... $SOLD email to order.

Dura Ace/MKS mini group set! (NJS certified)

Shimano Dura Ace 170mm NJS Keirin track cranks, NJS stamped, near new.
Shimano Dura Ace 51T NJS Keirin track, chainring, clean condition.

Mikashima (mks) Custom Nuevo pedals, NJS Keirin model, sealed bearing. Clean.
Mikashima (mks) Ivory NJS single straps, very well used, rough.
Mikashimax (mks) chrome NJS toe clips.
email to order! Thanks.

Suntour Superbe Pro NJS mini group set !

Suntour mini-group set! NJS Keirin certified superbe pro parts.
Included is....
Superbe Pro hub set, choose from 110 or 120 spacing. Front/Rear set.
Superbe Pro pedal set, w/near new alumi MKS NJS clips.
Superbe Pro 170mm NJS cranks, w/titanium plated GIGAS Sugino 51T chainring (chainring
alone is $299 retail!)

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Also for sale, rear Suntour Superbe Pro hub, no sticker on one side, $110. NJS approved, 120mm.

Nitto Gold B123AA NJS bar, Gun metal NJS stem, NEW!

So rare to find new, I have 1 of each for sale.
1. Nitto 370mm GOLD NJS B123AA drop bar, 'gold' is stamped on the bar, $SOLD
2. Nitto 90mm Gunmetal NJS NJ PRO AA stem, 'gun-m' is stamped on the stem, $SOLD
These are not aftermarket like nearly all anodized Nitto parts you see. These were actually
released by Nitto about 10 years ago. The bars were re-released about 3 years ago.

NAGASAWA track bike fork, drilled for brake. New MAHA silver paint, looks amazing
in person, silver metallic with clear gunmetal color paint over the top, and then clear coat.
For frames of 535mm seat tube and under....$180

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Dura Ace 7900 Road Group Set

2009 Dura Ace 7900 series group component set for road frames.
JIS BB, Braze on front derailleur, 12-25 sprocket, 52-39 chainrings,
Dual Control Levers, rear derailleur, chain, brake calipers. 170mm cranks.
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VIVALO/OCEAN restored NJS Keirin Track frame 540mm

Amazing repainted VIVALO NJS Keirin frame, with full OCEAN sentouki sticker kit, in
hologram finish. 2 tone rasberry metallic, silver metallic, in the spirit of Nakagawa
frames, another legendary Kansai hand made frame builder. New headset.
540mm/540mm/120mm. $SOLD
See it on the FRAME STOCK page....
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Nagasawa NJS Keirin Track frame 55cm, icy blue,

Beautiful Nagasawa in a rare icy blue metallic paint finish.
55cm top tube, 55cm seat tube, 120mm ends, no dents, see it
on the FRAME STOCK page.....$SOLD
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Nagasawa NJS Keirin Track frame 55cm, icy blue,

Beautiful Nagasawa in a rare icy blue metallic paint finish.
55cm top tube, 55cm seat tube, 120mm ends, no dents, see it
on the FRAME STOCK page.....$SOLD

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Kashimax Aero Saddles - track bike or bmx!

KASHIMAX, 80's BMX saddle....AERO model, in 6 different flavors.

White, Pink, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow. $79 ea. Brand new in bag.
44mm rails, to suit standard seat posts....ultra light, simple, and 80's.

About 3 left in each color!!

email to order yours. Ready to ship immediately.