Dura Ace ZEN chainrings!! Track 3mm thick, 144 pcd.

Here are some crazy Dura Ace chainrings I came across recently. They are much different
in design to the 7600/7700 series rings. Very wide and stiff, like the Sugino Zen model.
They are not NJS stamped, so I wonder if they were prototypes for NJS approval, or only
for use in Olympic, World Championship events.....I have seen a photos of Theo Bos using them
in the past. They all came to me in sealed bubble wrap packets. Usually Shimano rings come in
cardboard retail packaging. Strange. Anyway, they are the best chainrings I have ever seen! So
hurry up and reserve yours! 3mm thick, 144pcd, to be used with 1/8'' track/bmx chains, and fitted to NJS cranksets, like shimano, suntour, sugino, or 144pcd campa/miche brand cranks.
46T x 3
47T x 2
49T x 2
50T x 2

$119 plus $17 shipping worldwide..
All in stock as of Tuesday the 20th Jan.

email rene@njssupermarket.net to order.