New Dura Ace NJS hub stock, Araya rims, Nitto stems, wheelsets...

More Dura Ace hubs arrived today. I have only 36 hole NJS stamped (32 and 28 hole are not allowed in Keirin). Double threaded so you can fit 2 cogs, 1 on either side. Lockring included. New in box.
120/10 rear spacing $205
110/8 rear spacing $260 (discontinued for 2008 by Shimano Japan)

Araya GOLD 16B world champion NJS stamped rims. Tubular only. 36 hole only. These
are the only rims used in Keirin racing. I have used and new. 11.9mm sidewall, super low profile.
High polished finish.
new $110 each
used $40 each
Set of brand new Dura Ace NJS hubs, new Araya GOLD NJS rims, Hoshi NJS spokes.
or with used rims...

Single Araya Super Aero 24 hole Tubular track rim (super cool! my favourite rims ever made).
These have been out of productions for a long time. 650C size, great for street riders who need
a nice 650C rim for tricks. High polish, deep profile (31mm), aero design.

Nitto old school, high crown stems. Less aggressive angle great for the street. Non-NJS, but very cool vintage design, perfect to compliment a lugged frame. 90mm extension, 25.4mm standard clamp size.
$65 (only 2 in stock, and I can not get any more. Out of production)

Campagnolo NJS seat post, more parts restocked...

NOS Campagnolo NJS Keirin seat pillar. 26.8mm . New in box, minor shop wear to the polish.
Very very rare seat post.

Nitto Pearl NJS stem 100mm, less aggressive angle than NJ Pro models.
Dura Ace NJS track crank set, 165mm/167.5mm, new in box, square taper
Nitto NJ SP72 Jaguar Seat Pillar, 27.2mm, 44mm rails.
Nitto B201AA riser bars aluminium
Dia Compe Keirin front clamp on brake kits, everything included, for either oval/round forks.
HKK Silver NJS chain , restocked today.
Kashimax Peko Dome top tube protector, NJS certified
Nitto B123 CroMo bars NJS $45, Aluminium NJS $65

Suntour Superbe Pro NJS Pedal set....

These are Suntour Superbe PRO NJS pedals, which have had the cages replaced with a new set which are branded as Superbe, no Superbe Pro. They still have the NJS stamps, and I can provide the old scratched up Pro cages if you want them.
The pedals have no shaft play, and spin great. These are pretty rare pedals in Japan and a nice NJS alternative to MKS pedals.
Large MKS clips are fitted, and are NJS stamped, also fitted it a pair of Toshi white NJS straps, which are old but still great! The clips are a month old.

Suntour NJS NOS cogs...

NOS Deadstock, Suntour NJS Keirin cogs.
This one is 13T. I have 4 of these, and 1 loose 14T new Suntour NJS cog too.
The 13T cogs come in box with lockring. These have not been made for a long long time.
$20 each.

MKS Keirin pedal clips

NJS stamped/certified clips, in M or L size.
Made by MKS (mikashima) in Japan.

NJS Spokes, cranks, clips, chainrings...more!

New '07 model Sugino 75 NJS chainrings in 47 and 48T specs. These are the newer style which have a higher polish than last years model which had a light blasted finish.
144pcd, 47 or 48 tooth, NJS stamped. $SOLD

High polished custom Sugino 75 52T NJS chainring, 144 pcd.
High polished custom Dura Ace 51T NJS chainring 144 pcd.

Dura Ace NJS chainring 07 model, 51T $60
Dura Ace NJS chainring 07 model, 50T $60
Dura Ace NJS chainring 05 model, 51T $50
Dura Ace NJS chainring 05 model, 50T $SOLD
All are in great used condition.

Sugino 75 165mm Crank sets in box, new, with chainring bolts and dust caps.
NJS stamped. Beautiful cranks. $SOLD

MKS (mikashima) Royal Nuevo NJS Keirin pedals. Beautiful high polish bodies, blasted silver
cages, brand new in box. $100 a set. (2 sets left)

Sugino 75 NJS Bottom Bracket sets. New in box, complete with crank bolts. Keirin approved!
$68 (2 sets left)...These are perfect for all NJS crank sets.

Pedal straps..
MKS ivory singles...NJS approved $70
Kashimax Dual Sprint ivory doubles...NJS $105
Toshi NJS singles, red, $47
Toshi NJS singles, blue, $47
SPRINT non-NJS doubles $SOLD
MKS black non-NJS singles $16.50

HOSHI NJS Keirin spokes...very hard to find!
306mm for 4 cross patterns using high flange hubs and Araya Gold rims, or other similar profile rims...(araya gold are 700c and 16mm side wall)
Double butted, all stainless steel, 15 gauge. Set of 72 plus brass nipples.

Nagasawa NJS KEIRIN red 545mm frame.

My Nagasawa is for sale. $SOLD for the frame/fork/headset.
1997 Keirin frame, in the famous Koichi Nakano red paint scheme.
Hatta swan super deluxe NJS headset.
120mm rear spacing, 27.2mm seat tube.
I will get pics tomorrow afternoon.
No dents, but quite a few paint chip areas, overall 7/10 condition.
Seat tube is 545 core to top, top tube is 540 core to core.

Restock! Saddles, stems, chains, axle kits, grips, hubs

Kashimax Five GOLD FG4P white $SOLD
black $79 (one left)
44mm rails, no padding, all-out Keirin NJS stamped track saddle!

NJS Keirin chains from....

DID (stainless) silver $49
Izumi Model V (gold) $49
HKK Vertex (blue) $43
HKK Vertex (silver) $45
HKK Vertex (gold) $43
Izumi Esh (gold) $45
All NJS stamped and certified, brand new in box. All 1/8''.

Nitto PEARL NJS Keirin stems (this is the aluminium version with less aggressive angle)
25.4'' clamp standard Keirin size. 90mm and 100mm
Nitto Crystal Fellow polished track stem (not NJS) , semi vintage model. $SOLD

Fujitoshi (TOSHI) NJS Keirin pedal straps, blue, black and white. Suede, very very strong!
$47 (red and blue remaining)

Nitto B201AA aluminium riser bars , new. (plenty in stock!)

Dura Ace NJS HB 7600 Keirin hub set, double side thread, with lockring. Rare 110/8, 100/8 size!!

Soyo LONG GRIP Keirin model, white/red/black

Dura Ace NJS Keirin square taper crank sets 165mm and 167.5mm
new in box with chainring bolts

Shimano NJS Keirin hub axle conversion kits (restock)
These convert a standard 120/10mm, 100/9mm set to the rarer 110/8mm, 100/8mm.

Various NJS used parts, restocks, saddles....

Nitto Seatposts - Jaguar SP72 NJS model - only current NJS seat post made! 44mm rails to accept all popular saddles, 27.0 or 27.2 diameters, plus I have a rare 30mm rail 27.2mm version which is good for 30mm Keirin NJS saddles.
$SOLD. email ...

MKS RX-1 NJS sealed bearing aero pedals - Very famous and popular in Keirin, black cages are a bit scratched up from a good amount of use. No shaft play, they spin great!
$SOLD pair email....

Dura Ace Shimano NJS 7600 crank set, 165mm with chainring bolts. Quite a bit of scratching, but nothing that will effect their performance.
As is $SOLD email....

Kashimax NJS Dual Sprint double, and 5Gold Sprint single straps, both sets NJS certified, these are the most expensive straps made! Check retail on other retailers sites!
Double $105
Single $SOLD email....
MKS Clips steel chrome, NJS stamped, M or L size.
$15 email....

Sugino 75 46 Tooth NJS stamped chainring 144 pcd to fit all modern NJS crank sets.
New $SOLD email....

2 non-NJS saddles that I do not need right now....
San Marco Regal, 2 weeks use, black elephant skin print. Copper rails and rivets. Comfortable!
Brooks B17 Standard brown leather saddle ... 5 weeks use, has been oiled. $SOLD

Rare Shimano Dura Ace 110mm spaced NJS 36 hole double threaded Keirin rear track hub.
$SOLD (120mm is only $115)

NJS Chain re stocks
Izumi Model V $49
HKK Vertex Blue $43
HKK Vertex Gold $43
HKK Vertex Silver $45
Izumi ESH Gold $45

Old 3RENSHO Keirin frame Decal set for anyone wanting to repaint their classic frame.
Also comes with front head badge sticker not pictured!
$SOLD (more available though, slightly different)

Nitto B201AA riser bars. Classic silver anodized flat handle risers, with 1.5 inch rise. 25.4 mm clamp diameter. Always in stock

Campagnolo NJS stamped bottom bracket set....extremely rare. In great condition. Came off a 2006 Bridgestone NJS Keirin frame I bought a few months ago.

Dura Ace NJS double thread hub sets...

Finally got a decent amount of hubs in stock, so let me know what you need. I have 90% 36 hole NJS hubs, and also a few 32/28 hole hubs.
I have 120mm Dura Ace new in box NJS sets back in stock ,with double side threading. Important news is that Shimano Japan have apparently stopped producing 110 sets, so now you must use their conversion kits, which luckily I am also stocking, for $39 per kit. They are also soon ceasing production on single side thread kits. Dura Ace is the only remaining NJS hub maker.
$SOLD OUT per set.

Hatta NJS BB, Kashimax FG8P, NJS Chains, Straps/brakes

Here are a few more items I got around to adding today....

1. Hatta R9400 NJS Bottom Bracket....the most popular and highly regarded of all NJS approved
BB's. New in box...$SOLD
2. HKK Vertex Blue NJS chain $45
HKK Vertex Silver NJS chain $SOLD
HKK Vertex Gold NJS chain $49
Izumi ESH Gold NJS chain $SOLD
Izumi Model V Super Toughness NJS chain $SOLD
3. Dia Compe Keirin clamp on brake kit, for either round forks or now also oval forks!! $79
4. Kashimax Dual Sprint double clip straps, NJS, double sued laminated, ivory, best in the world $SOLD
MKS single straps, NJS, ivory colour laminated, double thickness(these are not the cheaper black suede model)
MKS double clip straps, NJS, black suede, double thick! $SOLD
5. Kashimax FG8P Keirin NJS saddle. Non padded version, rare graphics(out of production!) (30mm rails) $SOLD