Restock! Saddles, stems, chains, axle kits, grips, hubs

Kashimax Five GOLD FG4P white $SOLD
black $79 (one left)
44mm rails, no padding, all-out Keirin NJS stamped track saddle!

NJS Keirin chains from....

DID (stainless) silver $49
Izumi Model V (gold) $49
HKK Vertex (blue) $43
HKK Vertex (silver) $45
HKK Vertex (gold) $43
Izumi Esh (gold) $45
All NJS stamped and certified, brand new in box. All 1/8''.

Nitto PEARL NJS Keirin stems (this is the aluminium version with less aggressive angle)
25.4'' clamp standard Keirin size. 90mm and 100mm
Nitto Crystal Fellow polished track stem (not NJS) , semi vintage model. $SOLD

Fujitoshi (TOSHI) NJS Keirin pedal straps, blue, black and white. Suede, very very strong!
$47 (red and blue remaining)

Nitto B201AA aluminium riser bars , new. (plenty in stock!)

Dura Ace NJS HB 7600 Keirin hub set, double side thread, with lockring. Rare 110/8, 100/8 size!!

Soyo LONG GRIP Keirin model, white/red/black

Dura Ace NJS Keirin square taper crank sets 165mm and 167.5mm
new in box with chainring bolts

Shimano NJS Keirin hub axle conversion kits (restock)
These convert a standard 120/10mm, 100/9mm set to the rarer 110/8mm, 100/8mm.