NAGASAWA blue NJS Keirin track frame, 545mm.

NAGASAWA blue NJS Keirin track frame.
545mm seat tube, CTT, 550mm top tube, CTC.
120mm ends, NJS headset fitted.
email to order, or...
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VIVALO 520mm NJS Keirin frame, black

Beautiful hand made VIVALO keirin NJS race frame, from Kobe Japan.
520mm top tube, CTC, 520mm seat tube, CTT.
110 ends, NJS bb and headset included.
No dents, great black paint w/sparkles! Huge logos, very rare on a Vivalo frame.
email to order.
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Dia Compe/Gran Compe clamp-on track bike front brake kit

Always in stock, black and silver versions available.
They all come with everything you need to ride.

These clever kits allow you to use a front brake without having a drilled fork.
the clamps slide up your fork tubes. Hugely popular in Japan, ships worldwide
for $18.
$69.....please specify if you need the round fork tube version, or slightly oval fork tube
version. These will not work on aero forks such as bianchi concept, fuji track pro etc..
email to order.

Kashimax X Super Market FG-4P keirin saddles!

More SUPER MARKET exclusive KASHIMAX keirin saddles!
These were custom made for Track Super Market by Kashimax, in
Osaka Japan.
I have ordered 5 of each, and they are all FG-4P keirin track model, with standard
44mm rail width, and padding!
1.Ostrich - slightly-off white. $sold out
2.Ostrich - chocolate brown. Oishisou! $sold out
3.Shiny Pearl. $sold out
4.Shiny White. $sold out

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Sugino 75 Carbon Track pedal set, NOS deadstock!

Sugino 75 Carbon Track pedals!

This is one of the nicest items I have ever found, in deadstock condition.
New in the box, with clips, and straps, this is the Sugino carbon pedal set from
about 20 years ago or so....
The bearings are as smooth as the new MKS pedals, and everything is in flawless
condition. Definitely one for you rare-parts-otaku!
email rene@njssupermarket to order

Gran Compe SS rainbow, restock!


New stock arrived today, 10-15 of each color.
Blue, red and yellow are new additions to the SS line-up.
$42 per tyre - email to purchase
via paypal.


Just got 5 more sets of black 165mm Sugino 75 keirin track cranks
in stock!
Be quick , the last lot sold out in 6 days.
Also 5 more 46T black Sugino 75 144 chainrings, same as the keirin model
but black, so no-njs stamp! $79
email to purchase
via paypal.

Nakagawa track frame, osaka japan

Nakagawa Osaka track frame!! 600mm seat tube/575 top tube, straight fork!
Check the FRAME STOCK page for more pics/details....$990
email to purchase
via paypal.