Gran Compe Black Wheels, 3Rensho stem, NJS Crank/Chainring.

Gran Compe black 24mm clincher rims, Hoshi brass nipples, Hoshi 14 gauge
spokes, Dura Ace NJS track hub set, Dura Ace NJS lockring. All new parts, freshly
built by Kishiguchi Yoh of Ocean Cycle Factory, $410.00
email to order.

Nitto 3RENSHO etched (panto) stem! Black in good used condition,
Shimano Dura Ace NJS track crank set, with 46T Sugino Zen NJS track
chainring, cranks are well used but in good shape, chainring is almost
new. $199.
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The new 650c radial, all black front wheel from Gran Compe Japan.
Black 24mm Gran Compe clincher rim, black spokes, black Gran Compe sealed
bearing track front hub. New, $199.
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Super Lime Green OCEAN/VIVALO restoration, 540mm NJS Keirin frame.

Beautiful NJS Vivalo frame, restored in current OCEAN CYCLE FACTORY livery!
Money green, with a lot of gold metal flake sparkle. This green is very similar to
the Panasonic green that we all love. ;) $1099.
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SAMSON black/gold 560mm NJS Keirin frame.

Built by Harada San in Kyushu, Japan with Columbus pipe, chrome under paint.
Black with a LOT of big gold metal flake sparkle! Perfect. $sold
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Ridiculous 3Rensho NJS Keirin track frame, 515mm.

Restored 3Rensho track frame, painted in Higashide pink/purple paint, with
pearl white head and seat tubes, rainbow metal flake. New Dura Ace headset.
Amazing. $SOLD
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Colored Toe Clips for track bikes.

VP One (tokyo) colored toe clips, nice and strong....$16 per pair.
I also have black MKS toe clips, for $13 per pair (not pictured)

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New Sugino crank bolt caps! They are back.....finally.

I get at least a few emails every week asking for these! Finally they have been released for
Black or silver. Aluminium, anodized with Sugino logo. $19.90 per pair.
email to order.

Nitto, Kashimax, Sugino - 75 colored cranks/black technomic stem.

NITTO black technomic stem, plenty of quill length, and a flat angle, makes this great for
street bikes. $59

NITTO B201aa riser handle bar, in gold, black, blue, red....$55 each. Classic shape.

SUGINO 75 144pcd crank/chainring sets, 45T, red, pink and purple. $299 each. Same as the NJS cranks/chainrings, but in anodized colors, that are illegal in Keirin, hence no NJS stamp.

KASHIMAX padded, white sofrina FG8P saddle. Keirin approved, NJS saddle. Beautiful shape
originally designed by Nagasawa. $109.

TANGE colored headsets, made in Japan, 1 inch threaded type, JIS size. $39

email to order.