Nitto, Kashimax, Sugino - 75 colored cranks/black technomic stem.

NITTO black technomic stem, plenty of quill length, and a flat angle, makes this great for
street bikes. $59

NITTO B201aa riser handle bar, in gold, black, blue, red....$55 each. Classic shape.

SUGINO 75 144pcd crank/chainring sets, 45T, red, pink and purple. $299 each. Same as the NJS cranks/chainrings, but in anodized colors, that are illegal in Keirin, hence no NJS stamp.

KASHIMAX padded, white sofrina FG8P saddle. Keirin approved, NJS saddle. Beautiful shape
originally designed by Nagasawa. $109.

TANGE colored headsets, made in Japan, 1 inch threaded type, JIS size. $39

email to order.