Reminton, Samson, Kiyo Miyazawa NJS Keirin frames...

Reminton NJS keirin frame $725 (on the FRAME STOCK page)
Samson NJS keirin frame $sold
Kiyo Miyazawa NJS keirin frame 550mm seat tube, purple w/yellow decals, $800 (3 dents, but very clean paint)photos still to come....
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via paypal.

Dura Ace/Araya gold/Asahi/Soyo wheel set, straight off the Keirin track. $300
Mirror polished Sugino 75 NJS 165mm cranks, $SOLD
Mikashima RX1 NJS sealed pedals, new .... $99 4 sets left.
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Black NJS Umezawa 515 and Reminton 560 w/kira-kira sparkle!!

Umezawa is 515mm CTT seat tube, 520mm top tube CTC, 110 ends w/NJS headset $SOLD
Reminton is 565mm CTT seat tube, 550mm CTC top tube, 120 ends, w/NJS headset and seatpin, although it is not pictured with one. $SOLD (webbed lugs! amazing frame)

email for ordering - shipping $95 to N.America/Australia, $105 to Europe.

Candy x Supermarket Nitto goodness

White B201AA Nitto Tokyo risers w/rainbow metalflake $sold
Black B201AA Nitto Tokyo risers w/rainbow metalflake $sold

White B123AA NJS Nitto Tokyo drops w/rainbow metalflake 370mm $sold
Black B123AA NJS Nitto Tokyo drops w/rainbow metalflake 400mm $sold

White NJPROAA NJS Nitto Tokyo keirin stem, 80 and 90mm (rainbow flake) $sold
Chrome steel NJPRO NJS Nitto Tokyo keirin stem 115mm (new w/light scratches) $sold

All parts are brand new. Email for ordering

Mikashima NJS pedal restock (custom and royal nuevo)

Custom Nuevo, black cages w/sealed bearing, NJS Keirin approved/stamped, $119 (new in box)
Royal Nuevo, silver cages w/open bearing, NJS Keirin approved/stamped, $95 (new in box)
(email for ordering)

Nagasawa cycle cap

I have never seen this one before, and assume it was made for Nagasawa, rather than for
retail. 1 only, brand new. $sold...super rare (!).

saturday supermarket stock, 2 special keirin items....

Kalavinka/SAG (saglife) TOKYO Messenger Keirin bag. (model name 'Keirin Nippon')
This is a limited edition Kalavinka X Saglife bag, designed for Keirin, with
a helmet compartment and tool pockets. I have only 4 in stock. These are going
to move very quickly. Great detail, very strong, high quality construction.

Kiyo Miyazawa (shinpin!!) black Keirin frame. This is a brand new, never built, Keirin NJS
frame from Kiyo, the former apprentice to Rossin (hence the logo design). These are quickly
becoming the most popular frames in Japan, on the used market. 565mm CTT seat tube, 555mm
top tube CTC, 123mm ends, black w/silver chibi-metal flake, perfect, rare and beautiful.
New Hatta R9400 njs bb, new Hatta Swan njs headset.

email for ordering!

Panasonic blue NJS Keirin frame. 53cm.

Another nice cheap Keirin frame, NJS approved.
Panasonic, 530mm seat tube CTT, 530m top tube CTC. 120mm ends.
Tange tubes, Dura Ace njs headset, Dura Ace njs bb set.
One medium sized dent in the top tube, I recommend buying a Kashimax top tube protector, to
cover it up!

Kashimax NJS single ivory straps, the best available. $75 per set.

email for ordering

Nagasawa NJS Keirin frame, Suntour Superbe Pro NJS cranks, Gran Compe SS, 3Rensho stem, SR Sakae gold stem!

Nagasawa NJS Keirin frame, 520mm seat tube CTT, 535mm top tube CTC, 110mm ends.
Orange re-paint, w/blue highlights, silver stickers. Never ridden since restoration.
Hatta NJS headset, Sugino sealed 110mm bb fitted, but no pictured. $sold

Suntour Superbe Pro NOS Deadstock, boxed track cranks, NJS, 165mm, still sealed w/suntour tape. Amazing. $sold

Gran Compe SS tyres, pink, white, green or orange. $42 per tyre. Plenty in stock. 700c

SR Sakae (japan) NOS Deadstock, gold chrome steel 40mm stem! Coolest and oddest stem I have
found in a long time. $sold

3Rensho Nitto NJS nj pro aa jaguar track stem, 110mm anodized blue, well used $sold

email for ordering

Kashimax SILVER padded 4P keirin saddle restock!!

The last batch sold within a few days. I just got another 5 in stock. (1 left)
These are shiny bright silver FG4P padded Kashimax NJS (stamp scratched
off at factory due to illegal color) saddles, with gold chrome logos. They
are exclusive to NJS Super Market! $99- for ordering.

Nagasawa NJS Keirin frame, Windsor Merckx, Iribe NJS Keirin frame

Iribe beat-up 580mm NJS frame, $sold
Nagasawa Koichi Nagano red, 550mm NJS frame, $950
Windsor black track frame, vintage, repainted $sold for ordering!

Vintage Keirin NJS parts....

Some nice older Keirin parts from Japan.....

Tange RITZY NJS , super-rare vintage keirin headset, 1'' threaded, NOS deadstock (new).

Sugino 75 S-CUBIC Titanium chainrings, NJS approved for Keirin, $250 retail! $sold. 50 and 51 T models.

Shimano Dura Ace bottom bracket set from the early 80's in fantastic condition. Complete although the plastic clear casing is Sugino. $SOLD

Sugino Super Mighty 165mm track crank set. w/chainring bolts $sold

Shimano Dura Ace BIA
approved for Keirin crankset, 151bcd, with 51 and 54 T chainrings, made
by Sugino, also BIA approved. Rare older keirin parts...$sold

email for ordering