saturday supermarket stock, 2 special keirin items....

Kalavinka/SAG (saglife) TOKYO Messenger Keirin bag. (model name 'Keirin Nippon')
This is a limited edition Kalavinka X Saglife bag, designed for Keirin, with
a helmet compartment and tool pockets. I have only 4 in stock. These are going
to move very quickly. Great detail, very strong, high quality construction.

Kiyo Miyazawa (shinpin!!) black Keirin frame. This is a brand new, never built, Keirin NJS
frame from Kiyo, the former apprentice to Rossin (hence the logo design). These are quickly
becoming the most popular frames in Japan, on the used market. 565mm CTT seat tube, 555mm
top tube CTC, 123mm ends, black w/silver chibi-metal flake, perfect, rare and beautiful.
New Hatta R9400 njs bb, new Hatta Swan njs headset.

email for ordering!