Vintage Keirin NJS parts....

Some nice older Keirin parts from Japan.....

Tange RITZY NJS , super-rare vintage keirin headset, 1'' threaded, NOS deadstock (new).

Sugino 75 S-CUBIC Titanium chainrings, NJS approved for Keirin, $250 retail! $sold. 50 and 51 T models.

Shimano Dura Ace bottom bracket set from the early 80's in fantastic condition. Complete although the plastic clear casing is Sugino. $SOLD

Sugino Super Mighty 165mm track crank set. w/chainring bolts $sold

Shimano Dura Ace BIA
approved for Keirin crankset, 151bcd, with 51 and 54 T chainrings, made
by Sugino, also BIA approved. Rare older keirin parts...$sold

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