More frames....Nakagawa, Ocean, Levant, Vivalo

575mm Purple VIVALO with gold chrome stickers, and rainbow flake. Pics do not show
how ridiculously loud this paint is! $1000 (just restored), with NJS bb and headset.
510mm Black LEVANT funny bike, 24'' front, 700C rear! Restored with OCEAN decal kit at
Kusaka Factory. Black w/rainbow flake, bright pink decals. $SOLD
560mm blue VIVALO/OCEAN, restored w/subaru blue pain, rainbow flake, hologram OCEAN
decal kit. Kalavinka lugs all round, including ends and shell, and Nagasawa Love Heart fork crown.
NJS BB and Headset. $SOLD
560 NAKAGAWA 24''/700c funny bike, pink / white paint, curved/bow chain/seat stays, heavily indented seat tube for super close rear tyre clearance, straight fork, offset top tube. Crazy. $SOLD
(sorry the photos I am taking in my new shop are not showing up the colors as vividly as they actually are....)
email for ordering! Kanpai...