Track wheelsets - NJS certified Keirin.

Very rare early NJS Campagnolo Record wheelset (yes they were made!).
36 hole Araya GOLD NJS Keirin tubular rims - 11.9mm profile.
Keirin Asahi spokes.
These are surely the rarest NJS hubs in existance.

Araya ADX1 aero 16mm profile 650C tubular (new) 32 hole.
Sansin 32 hole track high flange hub.
Hoshi spokes.
3x spoke pattern.
$SOLD *thanks Andy!

Campagnolo C-RECORD 36 hole high flange Sheriff Star rear track hub.
Araya GOLD NJS 11.9 profile tubular 36 hole rim.
Hoshi Spokes.

Suntour Superbe/Araya AERO 1 tubular
Front - Asahi blade spokes, tied, laced to very rare 1st generation Suntour Superbe NJS high flange Keirin hub. Good used Vittoria tubular, with plenty of life left, good for street too.
Rear - Hoshi spokes, laced to 28 hole 1st generation Suntour Superbe low flange hub. Good used Vittoria tubular tyre with plenty of live left in it. These tyres work great on the street.
Rims are super sexy old school Araya AERO 1, track tubulars, just beatiful! Very hard to find in Japan.

Suzue/Araya GOLD NJS wheelset
Front - Araya GOLD NJS 11.9mm profile tubular Keirin front tubular rim, blade Hoshi spokes tied, Suzue Pro Max NJS 36 hole high flange Keirin hub.
Rear - Araya GOLD NJS 11.9mm profile tubular Keirin rear tubular rim, Asahi Keirin spokes, Mystery NJS high flange hub with no brand mark left, but does have NJS stamp, and is high flange.
I am guessing it is Sansin (who also made superbe pro hubs for suntour)
The tyres will be pulled off and discarded. They are worn to near-death.