New rare items! (wbase, carnival, loop magazine, 110mm hub shaft)

The last few weeks have seen a lot of new stock turn up at the shop front in Osaka. Unfortunately I have had a cold, and the H1N1 flu (within 4 weeks) and a close friend from Australia spend a week here, so have been very slow to update the webstore.
I apologise for slow shipping in the last week due to my influenza, too. The only other staff member at Track Supermarket; Sayaka, has also had the flu!! :(

=Anyway, here are the new riser bars from W BASE, called the Revolution Bar. Available in black, white and silver. They are very wide at 57cm, so can be cut to your desired length.

=Also from W BASE, comes a new trick bike fork, the DO A TRICK! Featuring a internally threaded fork column and a threaded top cap! Available in black or white.

=The new LOOP magazine came out in Japan a few weeks ago. I have about 15 copies left in stock....A rare sight into the Japanese track bike scene for those of you abroad.

=A very cool item. 110mm axles with 8mm cut diameter, for Keirin frames. These enable you to convert hubs from Gran Compe, Novatec. Basically almost any sealed bearing taiwan-made hub will take these shafts, and allow you to run a wide range of wheels on your 110mm rear-end Keirin frame! :)

=Finally the BLACK meteor cranks from CARNIVAL came in! Actually only 4 sets came in for now, and 3 sold already. :( 1 left, and then restocking in another 2 weeks time.

Cheers everyone!