Araya Super Aero NOS blue rims/DA hubs/Hoshi blades!

One of the sweetest wheel sets I have ever seen.
ARAYA SUPER AERO (new old stock) from the early 90's, 700C tubulars. Brand new.
Normal Super Aero (as rare as they are), are silver polish with yellow Araya stickers.
These are limited edition anodized blue, with orange/red stickers. Very very rare. Super Aero
rims are one of the most sought after rims in Japan, and the blues version, well, I never knew it
existed until now. The spokes are out of production, Hoshi Blades, laced to Dura Ace 28 hole
High Flange track hubs. Everything is new, in mint condition.
Built by Yo-San from Kusaka/Ocean/Vivalo in Kobe, Hyogoken.