Unique ZUNOW frame plus PARTS!!

These are all rarer old model Japanese Track chainrings, which I dug out of my suppliers new old stock.
Deadstock Suntour Superbe Track chainrings
- 47T double style $SOLD 144bcd
- 46T single style $SOLD 144bcd
Deadstock Sugino 75 NJS 48T 144bcd $SOLD
Deadstock Shimano Dura Ace NJS 49T 151bcd $59 (old school!)
Deadstock Sugino Mighty Competition NJS 51T double style 144bcd $50

Custom polished, vintage Campagnolo Strada 170mm road cranks. Same taper as
NJS bottom brackets. These work well on Keirin frames. I have them on my daily ride Nagasawa
frame, and the chainline is good. I had no problem with them on Sunday at the Kansai Sports Centre velodrome too!
Dura Ace NJS square taper Keirin cranks. 165mm, pretty scratched up, could use a polish. $SOLD

Suntour Superbe Pro BH1900F front NJS track hub, 36 hole high flange. NOS Deadstock!
This is the famous Superbe Pro 2nd generation series hub for Keirin racing, produced by Sansin for Suntour. These have not been made for a long time. Front only. (I also have a new 28 hole rear)
$SOLD hunknlance@gmail.com

Suzue Japan high flange track hub sets (these were made as road training hubs for Keirin riders in Japan and have long been out of production). These are NOS deadstock sets from my supplier. 36 hole front and rear sets. 120/10, 100/9 modern Keirin sizing.
$139 hunknlance@gmail.com

Gran Compe SS all white clinchers, I got this set as a sample from Yoshinigai, and if enough of you email me about them, I will order in a case of them. I expect them to be $47 each. $94 per set. hunknlance@gmail.com

ZUNOW, handbuilt keirin track frame, made in Osaka Japan, using very interesting custom lugs.
The frame is around 540mm square, although I will add the definite seat tube and top tube lengths tomorrow.
The rear spacing is 120mm.
There is no BB included, but a Sugino headset is fitted.
The frame has obviously been repainted in recent times, and never built up since. This is evident by the rear ends, which have no sign of a hub being fitted. I do not know where this was painted, but the paint has a nice finish to it. Very deep blue, with a chrome fork, which contrasts beautifully.
The lugs on this frame are pretty amazing. The ZUNOW bird mark is stamped or cut into the fork shoulders, bb shell, and seat stay lugs. The seat stay is very unique too (see the pics below). The frame is purely track, and has no drillings for brakes. I acquired this frame from a university keirin team in Osaka, Kansai, Japan.
There are no dents in the frame^.^
ZUNOW used to be an NJS certified Keirin builder, and has just recently, been resurrected by a young frame builder in Osaka. I have yet to see the new frames, but will post pics when I get some.
hunknlance@gmail.com (please email me for purchasing info)

Sorry for the delay on crank sets, brakes, and chains! I have emailed everyone who was waiting for these arrivals.
Shimano Dura Ace NJS square taper Keirin cranks 165mm $205
Sugino 75 NJS square taper Keirin cranks 165mm $160
Shimano Dura Ace NJS 110mm/8mm-100mm/8mm 36hole high flange Keirin hubsets $260
Dia Compe Keirin clamp on front brake kits (bracket/clamps/brake/pads/cable/lever) oval or round fork versions $79
HKK Vertex Blue NJS Keirin chain $39
Izumi ESH gold NJS Keirin chain $45
Nitto B201AA anodized silver risers $40 (soon I will have black painted risers with silver metalflake)
Nitto Jaguar SP72 NJS Keirin seat posts in 27 and 27.2 diameter $105
Metallico Tsuchinoko straight 25.4mm bar with round ends, high polish stainless, in 320mm, 350mm or 380mm width. $85
Soyo Keirin long grips (white) $15
Kashimax FG8P white NJS Keirin saddles $115 (finally got some 8P stock!)
Sugino 75 NJS Keirin chainrings, 46T (great for street gearing, matched with a 16 or 17 cog)
email for ordering info hunknlance@gmail.com