Kiyo Miyazawa NJS KEIRIN track frame

Seat tube 545mm CTT
Top tube 545mm CTC
Rear spacing 120mm

Beautiful red 2007 model frame from the famous Tokyo based frame builder. Kiyo was the apprentice to Rossin in Italy! This shows in the head tube lugs and the 'kiyo per vincere' decals on the top tube and bottom of the bb shell! The paint has thick clear coat over the decals and looks sweet. The ra-me, or metalflake is rainbow coloured. The Hatta R9400 NJS bb and Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS headset are like new and worth around $120-130 each new in USA.
There is a shallow ding in the top tube just under 'vincere' and the down tube has a bit of paint flaking off it...otherwise the frame is quite mint!