Reminton NJS KEIRIN frame silver 535

REMINTON (maebashi) NJS KEIRIN frameset.
Fork, frame are silver metallic with red decals. Fork is bladed aero style, bullet seat stay lugs.
Kanji characters of the Keirin pro riders name; Yuuichi Hasegawa, on rear bridge and bb shell. Yuuichi on track ends.
Hatta R9400 BB NJS $130 USD retail, and Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS headset $130 USD retail also.
This is a beautiful frame from the famed, and now deceased frame builder, who apprenticed with Nagasawa. Overall clean, but there is a light dent in the top tube, and light pitting in the fork, head tube lug, and general signs of age. From 2 metres away it looks very clean! The paint is nice and shiny and decals are in top condition.
Seat tube 535mm core to top.
Top tube 535mm core to core
Rear spacing 110mm