Suntour Superbe Pro cranks polished! Sugino 46/49T rings

Here are some custom polished parts for friend works for the factory that polishes Sugino and Dura Ace cranks before they are anodized. He is going some custom work for me from now on, including these chainrings/cranks.....I will have 3 sets of Dura Ace polished cranks next week, and 5 polished chainrings too...I want to get some B123AA aluminium bars polished too!

Suntour Superbe Pro NJS cranks 165mm - custom mirror polish $SOLD
Suntour Superbe Pro NJS cranks 175mm (rare) - custom mirror polish $255

Sugino 75 chain rings NJS stamped (brand new in pack) - with custom high polish!
46T $75
49T $75